My addict & his mom!! Help!

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My addict & his mom!! Help!

I'm having a problem with my ABFs mom. She knows he's in jail right now and she seems to think that because he went to jail he won't ever do drugs again. I don't think she should think that because it's not true. I was just explaining to her that she shouldn't give him money when he gets out because he could just take it and use it on drugs. Mind u this dude is 33 years old. She thinks because she's older than me and has "been around" means that she knows all about addiction and this and that. What does age have to do with any knowledge on something. Help. Advice please
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Well, just like you cannot fix the ABF you cannot fix his Mom. She will enable until
she has reached her own bottom.

What are your boundaries for when he gets out of jail? It's all about you now.
Working on you to achieve the 'life' you want. And that life may not necessarily
be with your ABF, no one knows.


"I will no longer live with or be around ANYONE in active addiction or early


Love and hugs,
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