He has to leave

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Ann I did leave a $20.00 out and guess what he took it.
Well, dang, Katie, I said $10 because I hoped that might be less tempting and make him think twice.

And you're right, Katie, you didn't "put him out", he chose the path that could only lead out and he chose it all by himself.

Check your chequebooks, if he got one cheque and altered it, he may have taken some from the middle...another common ploy. I swear there must be a manual out there somewhere because it doesn't matter where we live, they all seem to do the same things.

I'm really sorry that this isn't his time, Katie, but it IS your time to shine and take back your life and your home.

Keeping you all in my prayers.

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God, I hate addiction, unfortunately this disease has tenacles that reach far and wide, and affect everyone the tenacles come in contact with.

I sure do agree with Ann, flip through your check books, my exabf snatched one out of the middle of mine. Fortunately for me, when I was flipping my couch seats, I saw it, it was folded in threes, like he would do to put in his wallet, somehow in his drunken addicted mindset, it never made it to his wallet. I guess he was planning to write a check to himself and forge my signature. He also wrote down my cc number and expiration date, charged over $1,000 in phone sex, needless to say, I filed a report with the sheriffs department,and, pressed charges, he ended up spending 6 months in jail. It is amazing and sad what they will do to get money to buy drugs.

I appreciate your update, and no, you are not cold or harsh, there is nothing more that you can do, the ball is in his court.
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(((Katie))) - you definitely don't sound cold or harsh to me. I hope you can now relax, in your own home, and pray that he finds recovery. Whether or not he does, though, IS up to him. I also pray for peace and serenity for you and your husband.

Hugs and prayers,

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AS called today from a phone booth sounding quite distressed. Wanted a ride to a shelter, then begged us to take him back. I said no, call the local church or someone from NA. Strange thing is I didnt feel guilty, obligated or angry this time. I feel numb, like I was listening to an instant replay blah, blah, blah on the phone. He always seems to source out drugs, Im sure he will source out somewhere to sleep. More chaos I come home and there is a business card taped to our door from the police for him. I swear they are like storms trouble and chaos follows them. I am in a good place today.
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