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Thanks you all. You know about 2 yrs ago I did step back, and told Joe I'd disown him if he used coke. I told him to forget I was his mother. Its the only way, you are battling for their very lives. After I told him that he took the 1st tentative steps to getting well. He had court ordered out pt rehab, and counseling court ordered & it did him good. He had his very own place for the 1st time in his adult life. He went from me, to sharing with a friend, to living with Coni. He lived with one 10yrs. They did get engaged. then had a child & never did get married. I am sure it was because he was smoking crack. They had anouther child then broke up & she got pregnant from some other guy. Then she got married. She went to court to sever his parental rights so her husband could adopt them. They both did things wrong & I don't think my son should have pd such a high price. There is no doubt he was not a good role model but thats what supervised visits are for. It cut him deep.
Well he was also going to NA mtgs, football games at the HS doing healthy things. He was having trouble finding a good job up where we live but I am sure in time it would have come. Then he got a job as a casual for the Post office, making very good money. He lost it like 8 mts later cuz of his drug use.
Living in his old neighboorhood where he did all his using was too much for him.
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