Thoughts on Seroquel

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Marle, I was concerned when my AD's doc put her on seroquel...and she actually took herself off of it because she did not like the stoned feeling she experienced with it! seemed to me to be more drug than she needed....

have you looked into Risperidone(generic name)? brand name: Risperdal it is non-addictive. my Ad was prescribed it for anxiety..usually used for bi-polar(hipomania) up here in Canada it is covered on the drug plan...

happy as always that Megan is working her recovery and thriving...hugs and prayers as always, grateful
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I was given seroquel one time for anxiety, and when it kicked in, my first impression was "why don't my legs work?" I couldn't walk! It was a scary feeling, and instead of feeling calmed down, I panicked.
My sister was prescribed seroquel during her first detox, and it made her incredibly sleepy. She didn't like how it would make her feel, even hours after it was supposed to have worn off.

Yet one other lady who was a friend of mine swore by the drug. I guess it depends on individual body chemistry, temperment, and which phase the moon is in, lol!

I hope that whatever happens with Seroquel that your daughter will have a bright, happy life ahead of her.
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One of the guys I dated was prescribed it... he was a walking zombie. It's an incredibly frustrating process, that balancing of meds. I am glad Megan has a good and compassionate doctor - that's half the battle, I swear!

Mom hugs
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hi marle,

i use seroquel for the 'off label" use of treating insomnia. I take half of the lowest dose (half a 25mg tab = 12.5mg) and I sleep until next tuesday everytime I do take it.

when I wake up, I am so hungry I could eat the whole 'fridge, outside and in. I also understand that any dose higher than 25mg a day will cause Massive weight gain. If your AD is anything like mine, gaining weight would freak her out. It might also trigger relapse - you'd be surprised how many female addicts relapse because they miss being the rail-thin waifs they were when active addicts, and can't handle the out of control feeling of gaining weight - even the normal weight gain of recovery - let alone a med that not only makes you hungry as hell, but also changes the metabolism to create weight gain even more. Antipsychotics are NOTORIOUS for weight gain!!
Now, if she can take 25 mg or less, every once in while for severe anxiety, I'd say, yeah, not a bad idea. but I doubt its prescribed that way. the psychiatrists are just medication-happy these days IMO, especially with us addicts!!
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