Update on daughter

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Thumbs up Update on daughter

Megan spent 10 days in rehab and then went to their halfway house. My husband and I have gone to the family days and visited her today at the halfway house. She is attending meetings, IOP, doing volunteer work and learning to live in a house full of other recovering women. I do believe that she is truly ready this time. I am praying that she continues on this path, but I realize that she might not because addiction is such a cunning, baffling disease. She gets to come home next weekend. She misses her Petey (her chihuahua) so badly and he misses her too. I think that they have a special bond because when he sees her, he does not want to let her out of his sight. When we were walking around the grounds today he followed her and would not leave her side. Anyway just thought I would let you guys know what is happening and that she made the decision to go to rehab, she made the decision to stay in the halfway house and do the IOP. So maybe, just maybe she will continue to make the decisions that will keep her clean. Hugs, Marle
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Oh Marle, I have a huge smile on my face right now. How awesome is this news about Megan! Thanks so much for posting this Your recovery has been such a good example for us. I too pray that this is her time for recovery. Give yourself a great big hug, (and Petey too!!!
I know you will sleep well tonight just knowing she is safe.
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marle, I'm so happy to hear how things are going...who knows maybe little Petey understands more than we know eh? The love and loyalty from pet can mean so much. I'm hoping for Megan and for you too...that she will find that the benefits of recovery outweigh the suffering and pain of how she's been living up to now.
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Hi Marle,

What good news. It is such a relief to see a child doing something positive about their life situation. I haven't heard from my brother for about two months...he was in Oregon the last time we heard so have left a message on the phone for him.

I hope he will call....don't want to think of him back into the drugs & alcohol again...he was drinking some the last time I saw him to help with withdrawal but was supposed to stop soon...I know it is all up to him...don't want to rock the boat though.

Take care, :ghug2

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I'm very happy to hear this wonderful news. I pray that you continue to get your daughter back into your lives in a loving and sober way. That would be a dream come true. So cute about the little pup also
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I'm so glad to hear things are going well and Megan seems focused on working recovery this time. I think halfway houses can be such positive experiences for those seeking recovery...So glad Megan is interested and that she and Petey are reuniting. You sound wonderful and your recovery shines
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Ongoing prayers for Megan, that she continues to honor her HP and herself
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Sending heartfelt prayers up for you and Megan.
I pray this is her time as well. Her path is good
and she made all her choices on her own. That's
such a good and brave thing, sweetie. Your pride
shows in your thread.
Big hugs and lotsa love to you both,
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Marle- this is fantastic that Megan is getting healthy and you are having family time again. We never know beyond today, but I celebrate with you today.

We know from experience that " it works when we work it " and Megan is working it.
What great news. We want recovery for our children.
It is your turn to have that wish come true.
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|Marle, thank you for the update...
that is really wonderful news, I am so happy for your family and Megan..
prayers that she continues to choose life....
you have so much to be proud of,
my heart is a big smile...
hugs, grateful
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the girl can't help it
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Prayers and hugs going out for your family. I hope this time it sticks for her.
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:ghug3 Good for her! I am happy for all of you.
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I know you have to be thinking this is a dream that you don't want to wake up from. I am so happy for you and Megan, and hubby. We all know know that there isn't any guarantee but its a step, a great big one and I pray that she stays on the right track. Enjoy this Marle, you sure do deserve it!!
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Oh I am so happy for you all.

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I am so happy for you and your family
Megan continues to be in my prayers...

for each addict (actually for anyone) we only have today
I am so glad that megan has live

Many blessings!
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I am so glad that Megan is working her program. I hope this time is the time it stays with her since she seems to really want it.
Glad you had some good family time together, and will have much more in the time to come.
Your recovery has helped me so much since I joined. Your recovery is really shining bright, I need sunglasses.
Hugs to you
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Marle, I have only just begun here but your story is so hopeful andhappy. I pray for you and your daughter and that things go good. ((HUGS))
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I am all "lit up" about your news - you, Megan, and Petey sound great! I am so happy to hear that she is willing to go to a 1/2 way house. She is one of the fortunate ones to see some light of recovery through the mist of it all. It is a cunning and baffling disease but it definitely can be dealt with if there is willingness and surrender - it sounds like she has both.

Looking forward to hearing more reports. God bless!
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Thanks for putting a big smile on my face today!!

I think Petey will help Megan more than you know. When I went through all that mess at Christmas with dad, and using seemed like an option, my cat, Elvis, looked at me like "please don't leave me" and I didn't. I curled up with him, cried like a baby, and came to SR....and everything turned out okay.

I know we takes our parents' love for granted. We shouldn't but we do. But for some reason, I take it very seriously that Elvis needs me, and I think Megan will do the same with Petey. Obviously, Elvis and Petey were well taken care of while we were using, but once we start recovery, it's pretty nice to think of something depending on us. It's one of those small steps toward being responsible.

Megan has a mom and dad who love her, and Petey, who adores her. Not to mention, she's got a whole lot of people praying for her. I'm so glad she's doing great!

Hugs and prayers!

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So pleased that things are looking up for you and Megan and Petey. One would would be suprised how much it can mean from an addict looking into a pups eyes and see all the love and sadness and hope.

Prayers that Megan stays on the path of recovery, sounds like she is really trying!
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