Update on daughter

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I am so happy to hear this news.
Prayers for Megan and that this is her time.

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So happy for all of you.. It brought tears to my eyes...Praying she stays of her path to recovery....
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I'm just tickled to hear that Megan is doing so well in her recovery! You and Megan are in my prayers.....

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Sounds very hopeful and, well, just wonderful. she could have a great life in recovery! Even if relapse happens, once that spark of recovery is lit, we don't forget and many/most(?) addicts do return to recovery (its a disease with remissions and exacerbations, usually).anyway, thanks for sharing the hope.
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I am so happy for you and Megan - and Petey - cherish those family times together.
Sounds like she is on her way to some good recovery - in my experience, longterm just increases her chances - especially since she wanted to go.

Something about the unconditional love of my dog, Snickers - no matter what, he loves me and can't wait to see me!

Love in recovery,
Jody Hepler

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Smiles And Hugs!!!!!!
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Ah Marle, our paths are similar enough that even though I don't always get to checkin as often as I would like, I try to find out how you and she are doing.

Prayers going up that this IS her time!! (((loving hugs)))
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Glad to see Megan is still tying! That is such wonderful news, another answer to prayer!

I know you are excited and scared at the same time. be proud of her and let her know it. Sometimes I have a problem doing that because of all the baggage but a speaker the other night stated how can we make someone feel worse than they already do (something like that). It made me realize that I added to Kasey's misery and may have 'helped' her get off track. Just a thought--they come & go!!

Please give Megan a hug for me and tell her I feel like I know her personally through my prayers. I am proud of her.

love ya
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Susan - I think you're right.

My niece, Brit, went through an awful stage...cussing and verbally abusing everyone in the family. At first I fought back. Then I finally stopped even talking to her. I told dad what was going on when he confronted me about it (she doesn't act like that when he's around) and I told him that I was tired of her crap and didn't have to take it.

Don't know what happened...he talked to Brit, but she is a different child....kind, as quiet as an almost-15-year-old CAN be. But a friend of mine, here, told me "you need to tell her how much you like the improvements". I hadn't even thought of it, but she was right.

So, I told her how nice it is that she's not cussing us all out anymore, and I really enjoy being around her. She said "thanks....I think I LIKE being nice a lot more".

It's hard not to get our hopes up when they're doing good...not to dread "if the other shoe drops" and the "old" them comes back. I'm trying to point out the positives and stop bringing up the negatives. So far, it's worked.

((Marle)) I'm like Susan....I feel like I know Megan (and a few of the other kids here). Hope she can feel all the hugs and prayers coming her way...and yours!

Hugs and prayers!

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