Im thinking he's dead

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Im thinking he's dead

My *mind* (that thing that is usally insane) is telling me my ex-husband and former father to our son, is dead. In his home. of an overdose.

Went there today to serve him legal documents, no answer at door, tho he never answers when its me. Car in driveway. Leave doc's, call several times thru day, phone been off all day.

So...I think he's dead. This isnt the first time, especially on Sunday's, Thats usualy day after big using, hang over, pass-out, etc. He's been in/out of AA, but since he escalated into drugs, these days are more and more common.

Im not too nervous, not obesessing, just waiting for more to be revealed. Know there isnt a thing I can do. Heck, he lives 100 miles away, and even if I called his cousin who lives nearby, but hates me, he wouldnt do much simply cus its ME asking.

So....I will wait, I will pray and tomorrow I will see what occurs.

Another day in the life of loving an addict. Sad.
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((Miss Pink ))

This has to be a difficult time for you. Even when we detach, it doesn't mean that we don't care about our loved ones.... or the parents of our children.

More hugs
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((((Miss Pink)))))

The fear of "not knowing" used to be about the worst for me. Today when I have a slip and go back into worrying about what if, my recovery does eventually kick in ...sometimes quicker than others ... but it does kick in. I look at my feet and tell myself to get my head where my feet are. Or I call an Al Anon friend, or I move a muscle and change a mood, or I .... well, I think you know the drill.

Not making light of your situation at all. I just know I have to practice my recovery 24/7 no matter what I'm facing.

Praying for you. As you said, more will be revealed and it be revealed at just the right time. Remember, HP's got the plan.

Hangin' In
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Hi MissPink, I've been there and its the scarriest feeling. But usually I'm wrong and things work out for the best. It's my mind that goes these times. Hoping things will be well there and you can get a good nights sleep. Big hugs, Bonnie
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I can identify with this feeling only too well.

Prayers and positive thoughts to you Ms. Pink
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:praying -
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I go there too, even with recovery, but I don't stay as long. I can remember that there IS a Higher Power walking with our addicts, and if I really can't remember, I can find an open AA meeting on my lunch hour and listen to those who have been further down than any I know.... and yet, here they are, living the recovery and reaching out to those still suffering.

There is always hope....prayers going up. (((...)))
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