Courage to Change - Nov 1 pg 306

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Courage to Change - Nov 1 pg 306

Sometimes a horse refuses to obey the rider's comand and races out of control. My thoughts can do this too, when I frantically try, over and over, to solve a difficult problem. Riding lessons have taught me not to continually repeat a command louder, but to stop the horse, get his attention, and begin again.

Likewise, when my thoughts race out of control, I need to stop. I may do this by breathing deeply and looking at my surroundings. It can help to replace the obsessive thoughts with something positive, such as an Al-Anon slogan, the Serenity Prayer, or another comforting topic that has nothing to do with my problem.

Later I may want to think about the problem again in a more serene way with the help of an Al-Anon friend or sponsor. When I put some distance between myself and obsessive thinking, I can better look at my situation without losing all control.

Today's Reminder -

Sometimes I have to let go of a problem before I can find a solution. My racing thoughts may be making so much noise that I can't hear the guidance my inner voice is offering. Quieting the noise is a skill I can learn with practice. At first I may have to still my thoughts again and again, but in Al-Anon I learn that practice makes progress, one minute, one thought at a time.

"All men's miseries derive from not being able to sit quiet in a room alone." Blaise Pascal
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I love this page.

Learning to stop my obsessive thinking is becoming such a wonderful gift from my HP. It is giving me such Peace of mind - to stop the craziness that goes on in "Ritaville" and to learn to concentrate on the positive things of the program, the gratitude for the good things in my life is so much better than the way I lived prior to recovery.

Grateful to be alive today & glad to be learning to live Happy, Joyous and Free

Wishing each of you Serenity & Joy,
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I like that reading. We can't live in the problem and in the solution at the same time, and sometimes just taking quiet time to be still allows us to shift gears.

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thanks for the post. i enjoyed it & got something out of it.
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The obsessive thinking and worry for me made the problem more emotional and intense. The codi side of me got addicted I believe to that drama/emotion. Today when something happens unexpectedly I might get upset about it and show a number of emotions, but then I can step back and ask myself and HP what it is I'm supposed to learn from this experience, what is the next right thing to do, and then when its right to take action.
Thanks for this post I really like it.

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thanks for this post I really needed it today...
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You're awesome. Just what I needed to hear today!!!!

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I as a hobby have race horses and also get rescue race horses here that the owners no longer want to race. They are all loved and retrained for show horses or pets and usually get a loving child who will love them to death. My saying is that " Every horse needs a human to share life with".

The ex-race horses I get are so full of all sorts of drugs. The geldings and mares from the track are usually on male hormones. So I have mares and geldings that are stallions. They are also full of steroids and are very muscular.

They are very agressive - they bite, they kick, and they are just nasty!!!They then go thru withdrawals. It is not nice!!! They are in full blown withdrawals. These wonderful animals do not have a clue what is happening to them. They are not like a human that can say I am an addict so this is why this is happening. These animals sweat, shake and basically go thru hel#.

Yes, horses teach us to be kind, loving and paient. This is why I think a lot of horse people put up with the horrible things an addict partner does. When the addict horse comes here at this farm it is basically an attack horse. However, I know that with love and understanding this horse will become a loving animal after the drugs are out of his biological system.

My husband on the other hand has been given love and understanding too. He has been given choices. My husband is happy being an addict and that is what he wants to be. Read my posts my life was crazy!!! I am now letting God take over.

The horses in withdrawal look at me and thru their eyes are asking "Why is happening to me? Please help me!!" My husband looks at me in his addiction and says "So what? This is the life I and only I have chosen- $$$$ You!!!"

This is why after 10 years I have given up. The horses may bite and kick but they have never beaten me up for 2 hrs. and have never tried to set my house on fire. Good grief I have had to call the police to keep a drunk husband from beating a recovering horse.

Japico you just have not walked in my hooves. Sorry to be so down but I have finally realized th AH will probably hit rock bottom after I am dead. I need to finally live for me and not in the world of hoping he will change back to the man I knew.

Yes- the horse thing is a good thing but sometimes it is just best to move on.
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(((Humming bird))))
I'm sure there is only Special people who can do what you do for the horses...

Bless you, your special....
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