Its tough to recover

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Thanks Again, it is in my opinion a great pity my wife does not work a programme. She hold the view that that I am the addict, and the source of the problem. Most of the time she is right. I have learnt in recovery I am mostly wrong. Damn piuty, but true.

Part of the conflict we had stems from the spiritual awakening I have had as a result of the 12 step programme. I have greast faith and trust in HP, and believe that my children, small as they are have there own path.

But as my sponsor said to me recently: If this is the kind of problem you are having, you are very lucky, and recovery is working. How true. How quickly I can forget the mess my life and relationship was not long ago.
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Many codies think they don't need a program. It's quite common. Well that's called denial. LOL They sure as heck know without a doubt the A does.
I like what your sponsor said.
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My AA/Alanon double winner sponsor often asked when I was hangin onto something and clouding my own peace and serenity
" How important is it? ". That and "Happiness is an inside job" are two of my faves straight out of AA.
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My son is a recovering addict
he recently was telling me about a problem that he was having (not drug related) and added that it was what addicts call a "luxury" problem....

congratulations on your clean time...
you and your wife (as in any family) will always have these little "luxury" problems to work out
how wonderful that these are the issues you deal with now!!

continued success on your journey
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I remember when my RA was actively using our disagreements were not "real" it felt like i was watching it on TV or it wasn't happening to me. i just didn't understand.

as he worked his steps i was so confused becuase he would quote the big book and step work. I was like what are you talking about. i grew more confused the more he talked.

the folllowing week i went to a meeting and asked someone to be my sponsor. and since i have been working the steps i understand his thinking and his new way of dealing with letting go and asking his HP for guidance. i too look towards my HP for guidance and since than i (we) have been communicating much better. i was never very good at communicating with him, so i understand the frustration of not being able to communicate with someone you love.

congrats on your recovery and thatnk you for sharing your story
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