Where are the Moms??

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Question Where are the Moms??

Haven't heard from alot of you in a while. Hopefully you are on vacation enjoying life! Check in and let us know you are ok and what's going on w/ the kids. I pray for you all everyday and still believe in prayer!

Nothing new from my way, 3 weeks today since I last saw/heard from AD. Went to overcomers meeting last nite, liked it alow. Going back THursday for step work. Anything to help me get through this!!

hope everyone is ok, and those who have kids on the right track are doing ok, and those of us still waiting--God bless!
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Susan, I am still here and reading everyday. Nothing to report with AD. She is doing her thing and I am doing mine Hugs, Marle
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Mom here, checking in. For today, my son is doing well. I can tell because when he's in a good place, he calls me often to touch base and share what's going well in his life. I set a boundary a while ago that I didn't want to talk about how high or drunk he got, his latest one night stand, his latest escapade while drunk or high, his latest creative excuse to not go to work or do some other task. So... there were times that we would go a month or 2 without much of a conversation.

Just for today, he is in a good place, and my heart is happy.

Moms? How's it going?
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Mom here. All is well. Life is good and Trevor is going camping with me tonight. Cook-out; fishing; swimming; misquetoes; all American good time.
Life is good.

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let it grow!
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my daughter is gone visiting my mom/family for a few days. i know she's drinking again. i am just trying to appreciate a few quiet days...

i'm sorry your daughter has "jumped ship", susan. but i'm happy that your meetings are helping you.

mom hugs out! k
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Another Mom checking in...kid is still doing "his thing" while I try to stay out of it and do mine.
His life, his choices, his consequences, right?
No crisis.
Thanks for the shout out!
I'll keep you and AD in my prayers
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Another Mom everyday.....don't post much, but gain a lot of strength and support from the son is still deep in his addiction, feel that time is running out for him to find recovery....He is in HP's hands, as am I.....

Peace and
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Hi Susan
I think about you everyday and pray that things will turn around for Kasey.
Glad to hear that you went to a meeting. I've never heard of "Overcomers". What exactly is that?
Things are going fairly well here........Jen saw her brother for the first time in 2 yrs. on Sunday. He invited us over and what a treat it was for me to see him and his sister together. She took him aside and talked to him for a long time alone. He said they had a heart to heart and it was good for both of them. He made her feel really good because he kept telling her how good she looked. He told her she seemed like her old self. She is still battleing a lot of old wounds.........but she is trying.
Her hearing is on Sept. 6th. We don't know what will happen then.
I'm still trying to keep my head above water as far as the sexual abuse issue. Still going to therapy. Therapist said it will take a long time for me to let go of my world as I knew it. Trying not to be so glum. Therapist said it will make Jen feel guilty for telling me. I keep telling myself I'll get through this.
Her truck is still in the pound.........I'm not helping her with that. She is still without a phone.......Police took hers.......I'm not helping with that.
All is definetly not perfect in my corner of the world........but for today she is sober.
Keeping you and all of the other moms in prayer.


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Another Mom here too -

AD had baby last week - baby & her seem to be doing fine - baby appears to not have any affects from her use -

Joining in prayers for all the other Moms, Grandmas, Aunts, Sisters, Dads, Grandpas, Uncles, Brothers - all of us - praying for Serenity & Peace for all affected by this disease.


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'Nother Mom here... I have been scarce - lots of stuff cooking in real life, started some ADD meds... who, Me? Yep. And for the first time - I AM SLEEPING ALL FREAKING NIGHT!!!!

Which is cutting into my post time!!!

But it is all good.

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You female chauvanist, i don't think thats spelled correctly. However, Im here.
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This Mom is just waiting for the other shoe to drop it you know what I mean. Crystal (AD) is 31 weeks pregnant. The father of the baby has been in jail since mid July. She is now back with exbf her 4yr olds Daddy. All seems kind of fast too me...Anyway she goes to court tomorrow for having a needle in the car, which she swears belonged to the ex that's in jail. I kind of believe her on this one. I'm praying they go easy on her since she is pregnant, an still is on probation in this state anyway.
Oh yea an apparently she stole $5 from her older sister this morning, know proof but you know how it so it goes on an on.
Good news is school starts tomorrow an 2 of my Grandkids will be in school ALL DAY.
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sorry Lake, didn't mean anything...guess I should have said 'parents' instead of 'moms'. my apologies!
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Another mama checkin' in. Thanks for the shout out. Still not smokin'.
It's been 3 weeks and boy can I sure tell it. lol
Some days are easier than others. My job sucks right now. lol
No! I don't beat around the bush any.
I'm in the process of transferring to another store and the paperwork still in limbo mode. Can't get the move going until after vacation. Which is next week. Which I need more than anything right now. lol
Been at this new store over a year and things haven't changed much. Except my attitude. Wonder if it has anything to do with not smokin'. Ya think? Nahhh.
Anyway, goin' up to Pa., to see sober daughter for a couple o' days, I think. Not sure about the 5 hour drive yet or not. Was just up there in June. Too soon to sit so long again. lol
As for Ja-son, lol, still with the older woman. Both quit the jobs at the factory. Says the security guard was harrassing him, so the gf told him, "let's just go."
WTF? She's suppose to be the mature and responsible one.
Can anyone say...
So, now they're both "looking" for new jobs. Exah is back in jail for failing a ua.
Apparently, you can't drink or smoke weed while on probation.
Go figure.
Hey, you asked. lol
Thanks, I needed to get that sh*t off my chest.
Oh, 1 more thing. Hubby and I went to a coney place for supper tonight.
He stared at the 20 something yo server till I thought his eyes would pop out.
What the heck? I can't compete with that. I just smiled and gave him my fries.
I'm gaining weight and I need a cigarette. Just kidding.
You a sweetie for listenin' to me whine. lol
If any mom can better me....bring it.
Love to all,
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Another mom checking in. Ad is still doing pretty good, working, hanging with guy she found in rehab, trying to overcome all the chaos she caused financially while using and now getting her room cleaned up and organized, she'll be heading back to college next week.
I'm just hangin in and staying out of her way, but somehow I think having her go back to school will be worse for me now than it was last year. Then I was sort of glad she was going, now that she's been clean for a bit I enjoy having her around. And even the new bf (hers, not mine) isn't that bad. But now it's time for me to find one, a boyfriend that is, lol.
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Check in time for this mom. Still have not heard from 21 AD. She said she wanted to go back to college, I told her I needed a face to face with her if I was going to shell out $30,000 year. . Told me she would get back to me after she and hubby got back from 2 week vacation. WTF. Haven't heard from her yet. Maybe I'll be saving some $$ this year for me! lol.
Sober 18 year old daughter is leaving for college in a week and a half. Really enjoying spending time with her and her friends. I am excited for her to start another chapter in her life.
That's about all here. Learning to stick to my boundries better with each passing day. HUGS to all moms and dads.
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Thanks so much for starting this thread. I really like to hear the parents updates. I hope that more will post theirs too. I'm another Mom here and my A-son is still in county jail for the last couple of months awaiting possible indictment this week. He's learned alot and grown alot and seems very humble and remorseful, but we won't know if it really means much until he's back out in the real world. But, I'm just taking things one day at a time and just trying to live my life making the next right choice for my life each day. I'm reminding myself constantly to trust God's Will and to leave my son's care and future in His Hands. I'm doing better at that a little more often as time goes on. I'm glad to be here with all of you, whenever I can.
((((((((((((((((((Caring Hugs)))))))))))))))))
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another mom here, no crisis. just living life on lifes terms, looking after myself. i am learning something new everyday. bless you & all of the other moms.
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My life is good today, best summer in years.

My son is still missing, over 3 years now, and in God's care where I place him in prayer each day.

This is a great thread, I forgot how many moms (and Mr. Mom's like Laketime) that we had here.

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Been quite a while since I last posted...but I love coming back to read...and I'm still learning.

Luke, my RAS, is doing great...Thank you, God!

He loves his job...ironworker... makes great money, has his own place...and he and his long time GF are expecting in Jan.

He is paying his fines and intends to petition the court for early release from probation next April. He was sentensed to 5 years probation; after spending 6 mos. in jail, awaiting completion of his trial; 6 mos. in a Behavior Modification Facility in Bowling Green, Ohio. He and his PO have a good relationship...she thinks he will probably be granted an early release.

He blows too much money on foolisness; doesn't keep his laundry up; and apparently, still hates to mow grass!

This is a great thread! I have enjoyed reading tonight!

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