need advise fast.......I am scared to death

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saying a prayer that he is safe this morning.hugs,
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hope your morning is better than your night
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lies - just getting here this morning -
sure it has been a miserable night for you -
wanted to let you know prayers have been said for you-please let us know how you are doing when you get a chance

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On a tear
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(((Lies)))) My prayers are that he will be absolutely safe and sound and that you can take from this some of your OWN experience to fall back on... in case it happens again.

Please let us know how you are doing today.
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On my mind. (((((hugs))))))
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More hugs!!! Fueled on drugs he will more than likely show up and wonder why you were upset and worried. Addiction is a strange thing-they do not remember-we are crazy and they are fine. Think we are the sane ones-just trying to deal with them. Hope this morning is better for you-please post. LOL
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let it grow!
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prayers and hugs, k
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(((Lies))) I hope things have calmed down for you this morning. That kind of drama takes so much out of you. I know you are afraid of suicide, but I'm also afraid he could just kill himself driving under the influence or some innocent family. He needs to be taken off of the road if he is not sober.

Sending hope your way...........Lo
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I agree with Lobo. While you are worried he will kill himself, he is driving under the influence.
What if he kills someone else who is completely innocent and completely sober?

I am sorry you are going thru this stuff that addicts do, but I think your fears are misplaced.
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This came from Lies just a little bit ago

This is an update. Lies wanted it posted as she doesn't have the time right at the moment.

Hey guys No time to talk let me first say i am okay
But Ah did attempt to commit sucicide and was rescused by a guy in a parking lot he was unconscience and was baker acted ..but they will release him in 48 to 72 hours so I am on my way to Ft lauderdale to attempt to help him save his likfe I am going to petition for him to be marchman acted

I will bring my laptop and try to check in later..........

Thank you everyone.......keep us both in your thoughts.

hey remember that family love thing I talked mom is here with the kids and shes been as supportive as she can be..........upset but supportive so I dont have to worry about the lids while gone........
would someone please post this for me in Friends and families I dont have time........
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Good Grief! What a scare you are going through. It's all part of the addiction chaos and drama.
I can't tell you what to do, but what would happen if you did nothing?
I know I am pretty late here, but, if he's high and driving around...
Keep us updated.
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(((((Lies))))) Saying prayers for you and your husband. I'm so sorry for the pain you are goign through. I hope he will learn form this and give working recovery a try again. Hugs
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Sending prayers Lies. I hope you got there safe. I pray this is his turning point.
Hugs to you (and your mom too!)
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Here is a prayer and a hug (((Lies)))
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Lies, I am so grieved at the news. As you know my son did commit suidice and my ASS attempted it and was saved by the skin of his teeth by the police. I do understand. Please know that you may contact me at any time and I will be happy to either pm you or talk to you via phone. I am so glad that your AH was found in time. You MUST know there is nothing you could have done to change or prevent, as we both know....if we had that power, if we were able to change or prevent it we would.
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hello everyone
well I'm here and I saw AH, and he looks so lost he really looks like he has just given up all hope hes like a shell of the man I knew

the saddest part is he made the attempt...........yet he tested negative for drugs......his last use was Sat.( friday night I guess into sat am)

I understand that with drug use they deplete all the dopamine in the brain and hes already clinically depressed before and without the drugs.........

but i think I would have rather been told he was high or coming down when he tried..........rather than he drove around for work all day thinking how he is never gonna be able to beat his addiction and he decidied that diying is best for him and everyone else

right now I am here.......trying to wait for the mental health doctors recommendations and I am working with his therapist to make some decisions on what to do next....AH is no help in the decision making process hes not thinking stright

thank you all so much for your continued support and encouragement I really would be lost without you all
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Sadly, I think that is not uncommon that the suicide attempts are after the drugs are out of their system chemically. Remember crack messes with your brain and my AH too is his most depressed when not using and trying to figure out how to pick up his pieces of what is left.

Stay in touch. Remember to find a little time for you to relax too or this will take its toll on you as well
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On a tear
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(((Lies))) I am sorry he made those choices. My prayers really are that he can find in this bottom some determination and commitment to truly getting better.

One thing you might consider... is there anything you are doing today with the idea of changing an "outcome"?

The reason I ask, is that MY resentments generally come from unexpected outcomes. For example - I saved $25 a paycheck 20 years ago and put it aside for my kids' college. THEY were going to get opportunities *I* did not have. I did NOT want them to have to work so hard and struggle so much. Of course - I was their loving mom.

Can you imagine the anger and resentment I felt when NEITHER kid went on to college? One dropped out of high school, the other failed about a year's worth of Freshman tuition before I stopped throwing money that way.

MY resentments were based on the fact that I had set aside money (that would have better been spent on household expenses!) in order for THEM to get a better life.

I don't think setting aside the money was bad, it was my thinking around how that money was going to be used that got me in trouble. I didn't know, back then, that I can't control OUTCOMES. So I didn't think of the money as a true gift... one that can be refused or used in another way.

Today, I know that I have to be VERY careful... very, very, careful... to try to understand that my efforts/money must be given freely without trying to plan outcomes, in order for me to be free from resentments. Because they tell me in Alanon - having a resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other guy to die.

So I would urge you to maybe take a minute and try to imagine if you will be ok if, after all this effort and expense and driving three hours to help him, if he decides to go back out... will you be ok?

You certainly don't need to answer here... I just want you to think about it. And know that you are also in my prayers... that you can be filled with peace and serenity during such a trying time.

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Continuing to pray for you and your AH. Be sure to take care of yourself through all of this.
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