Here I Am.....

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Red face Here I Am.....

i'm back. Surgery went well. I still have a good bit of pain but overall, I'm okay. I'm not on pain pills anymore, I stopped them last week and can deal with the discomfort I'm in.

I found some codieism sneaking up on me as I had refills on my pain med so I took the bottle to my moms to hold cause I didn't want to store it at home. No reason really to think he would relapse on my pain meds but just that thought invading my head.

I'm back at work and so grateful to be here. I started getting depressed about Wednesday because I couldnt do ANYTHING. No driving, no picking up anything that weighs more than a pound, no exercise, no nothing...not even any cleaning.....I was so bored I WANTED TO CLEAN!!! What is wrong with me! I could not be content to sit on the couch and do NOTHING.

Well, either way, I'm back....still sore, still can't do any lifting or anything and am having a time with discovering what I can still eat and what I can't. The bathroom and I have become such close friends this past week.

Thanks for all of your prayers and I am going to start getting through the many many new posts on here now!
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Glad everything went well for you and your are on the road to recovery. You did what you thought was best with your med bottle good for you. Glad you are back to work, at least you can keep busy and not be bored.
Take care of yourself
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Welcome back and I am glad that everything went so well. Wow, it is such a wonder to me how they have improved this surgery over the years. Take it easy and when you feel pain, stop and listen and don't overdo. Hugs, Marle
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Welcome back, Laura.

For me - I keep all my meds (no matter what kind) in a safe under lock & key, not so much about the addicts in my life; just for my own peace of mind. Do whatever you have to do to make you feel at ease!!

Rest & take good care of you,
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It is good to read the news of your successful surgery. You sound as though you are an active person, ready to jump back into life per usual. I am reminded of how hard it is to follow a doctor's orders once you start feeling just a little bit better. Take it one day at a time and take care of yourself. The cleaning can wait . . . really.

Welcome back.
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glad the surgery is over & you are back & on your way to be better than new. take it easy while you finish your recovery.hugs & prayers,
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glad you are up and about - take it easy and be well...

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Glad your back Laura! Before you know it you'll be feeling 100%!
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Im glad you are on the mend. (((Laura)))
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Thanks all. Its been a time. I'm having some trouble with pain today at work but i think I'll make it through the end of the day. Only 2 1/2 hours left.

I need to ease back a little on jumping back into things.
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I am glad your surgery went well. I know that its tough not being able to do anything, but you really should rest as much as you can. The work will still be there when you're recouped.
LOL, it's a good time to take up knitting!
Take care.
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wishes for a speedy recovery, k
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I'm glad everything went well and your on the road to recovery.
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