OT- Credit counseling sources

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OT- Credit counseling sources

Does anyone know of a free credit counseling company?
I am needing lots of help getting my ex ah's credit cards off my credit report.
Im in SC
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I'm not much help, but I can tell you..... be really careful when dealing with credit councelors and debt consolidators. I dealt with one that was highly recommended and they emptied my bank account!!!!! Stole every penny!

Oh.... try freddie mac dot com or frannie mae dot com!!!
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I don't have any personal experience with this, but I have a finance textbook that has the following information:

Consumer Credit Counseling Service is a non-profit organization that provides debt counseling for those with serious financial problems. It is not a charity, lending institution or governmental or legal agency. CCCS is supported by contributions from banks, consumer finance companies, credit unions, merchants and other community organizations. To find an office near you, check your local white pages.

CCCS counseling is usually free. However, when the CCCS administers a debt repayment plan, it sometimes charges a nominal fee to help defray administrative costs.
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i don't know about that.sending my support to you.hugs,
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Not sure what services are free but I do know they are good.

They run seminars all over the place and have a radio program and call line.
You could contact them by e-mail and ask what is available.
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OK this is NY not SC but our local extension service has free credit counseling. You might try calling someone from your county ( legislator) and see if there's any thing like that in your county or at the state level.
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I'm not sure about companies..............
but I do know that you can send for your report then write letters disputing entries and whoever put it on your report has X amt of time to respond and prove its yours and if they dont the credit reporting adgency has to remove the entry from your file.
It works I've done it and alot of things came off. It just takes persistance
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Consumer credit counseling services has helped my parents... I would recommend them.
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here are some reputable non-profits~~
This is atlanta-based; but serves several places in the southeast, including florida
is the natl foundation for credit counseling; it has links to member agencies across the U.S. -

and pat yourself on the back for taking action! ~nitelite
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