Double Dog Dare

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Double Dog Dare

Okay - so here is the double dog dare from Liveweyerd:

"Tell us about yourself so we can get to know you AND list 5 things you like about yourself or are good at and 5 things you look forward to."

I think that it would be a cool thing for everyone to participate in - I think it could be very beneficial to all of us.

Okay so here goes...

*I am 24 years old and finishing up my undergrad degree in
Business Management/Pre-Law.

*Eventually I want to go to Law school but have not decided yet if I want to go RIGHT after I graduate or if I want to work for a little while. It has taken me SO long to finish my degree. I transferred schools, changed my major, took a year off because I got extremely sick. I have suffered from my own mental ailments- typical perfectionistic disease- I suffered/still suffer from an eating disorder and have for many years. It has taken so much of my life and almost cost me it on more than one occasion. It has taken a tremendous amount of pleasure out of my life and stolen many years from me- especially some of the "Growing up" years. I barely attended my senior year in highschool I was in and out of hospitals and treatment facilities. This is how my college education has become extended to something like the 7 year plan since I've endured alot of setbacks health-wise. I must remind myself that THAT was the biggest battle I have had to face. While I am not "recovered" or necessarily at the place where I would like to BE- I have to give myself credit for the strenght it took to attempt to redefine myself as Heather, not as "the sick girl" since I found my identity in my eating disorder for so long. Perhaps this is the reason why I feel so fragmented at times- and defective and believe I need another's love to "right" something. Anyways- my eating disorder interfered with my life and almost cost me it. I know I do not give myself nearly enough credit for how far I have come. My last inpatient treatment stay was in 2003 and committed myself to life, not just mere existence since. I secured a part-time job that taught me alot and also helped me view my disease in a different perspective- I did not want to be that physically or mentally weak anymore. It has always been a dream of mine to bring the message of loving your bodies and yourselves to young girls who are met with so many idealized standards of beauty and societal pressures to be thin.

*I live in Center City Philadelphia but would love to move someplace warm and sunny as I REALLY feel weather is a HUGE factor in my mood.

*I attend school full-time and work part-time in property management- in a high rise condominium building where needless to say there is never a dull moment. I have been there for a few years and am ready for a change. During the school year I go to school Tuesdays and Thursdays and work M, W and F 9-5PM.
This summer so I can graduate soon, I am working full-time as well as taking two classes each summer session- there are two sessions in the summer. I have to be very careful budgeting my time in regards to these classes as each session is only 6 weeks and there is alot of material and intense classes (3 hours, 2x a week) and one couldn't be a more interesting topic- Statistics- haha.

* 5 Things I like about myself:
1. I am insightful.
2. I am compassionate.
3. I am articulate
4. I consider myself a decent writer.
5. I am a good friend.

5 Things I'm looking forward to:
1. Going to Atlantic City with my sister on Tuesday and spending the day at the spa.
2. Going to the beach with my best girlfriends at the end of the month.
3. My best friend's wedding even though it's in Oct. of 2008- she asked me to be the maid of honor.
4. Graduating from college
5. Healing my knee as it is preventing me running like I want to. I would like to start building more stamina that I have lost since I have not been able to run.

Now everyone else's turn!!
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remember to breathe
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5 things I like about me:
I am a good friend
I love to help people (oh crap is that too codie)
I can make people laugh
I can talk to anyone
I like my sense of adventure

5 things I'm looking foward to;

spending 1 month in sea isle city starting july 28th
starting my docent program this fall at the philadelphia zoo
vactioning in key west or sanibel island this fall
getting new rugs sometime before christmas
having my daughters surprise 30th birthday party sept 8th
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Heather, Id like to encourae you if you take a break from school keep it short.
At 25 I was working towards my bachelors in business management with AAs in paralegal studies and photographic desigh. I too was planning on law school and also working as a clerk in a law office.

SOmehow I took a break and never went back ended up riding several crazy rollercoasters emotionally and having 2 more kids (at the time I was single with 1).Today almost 7 years later I dont even know what I want to do or what makers me happy long term, but Im learning a little at a time.

I am not ready to do my five things today, have to think on it because what's coming to mind seems a little superficial at the moment
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This is going to be a great thread! Thanks, Heather. I got up a 4am and catch myself dozing while I would like to do mine tomorrow when I have a clear mind

But here's a little preview

1) I almost always wake up very cheerful
2) I see people as equals.
3) I smile and say hi, how are you to anyone who comes within 10 feet of me
4) I am intelligent
5) I read alot of educational books

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5 things I like about me:

-I'm a good listener
-I'm smart
-I can get along with almost anyone
-I'm dependable
-It does not take much to make me laugh

5 things I'm looking forward to:

-closing on my first house at the end of the month (which has been going much better lately, for those of you who know that situation)
-getting my master's degree, or maybe even a doctorate
-overcoming my problem with food
-becoming a parent
-seeing my husband finish up his bachelor's degree so he can find a job he will enjoy
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5 things I like about me:
1) logical (just like Mr. Spock!)
2) healthy (Exercise plus good genes)
3) intelligent (smart and intelligent are similar but not the same)
4) organized (just ask my husband)
5) consistent (I mean what I say, and say what I mean)

5 thing to look forward to:
1) Getting older! I like being older! It's fun! Yeah! "Every day above ground is a good day"
2) Building the house on my property in Belize
That's all I can think of. I try to not to hang my hat on the future because I am not a psychic and dont' know what will happen.
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tropik, do you dive? Friends of mine have been all over the world diving. The last 8 yrs or so they have really favored live aboards. But thought with Belize you might dive as well?
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I dont' dive but I probably should! I snorkel ALOT and 3 years ago had the pleasure of going out snorkeling during the whale shark "season" (they come for the snapper roe--the snapper are spawning at that time) and actually saw one! There were divers with us and they "called" the whale sharks by releasing bubbles from their regulators, mimicking snapper roe in the water.
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Power is not having to respond
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5 things I like about me:
*I am giving and compassionate
*I work hard and lead by example
*I am artistic, paint, draw, craft, you name it
*I am a peaceful person
*My hair, lol, it's way curley and long

5 things I look forward to:
*Some day having a home I can call my own
*Next year when I finally get 3 weeks for paid vacation instead of just 2
*Living alone
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This is great. A little bit about me? I am single, mom of 2 boys ages 22 and 24. I live in a house that is 99 years old. I love working on the house, both inside and out. I have 2 big dogs and 4 cats. 2 are mine and 2 are my grandkittens.

I have a good job and right now I get to work from home, so that's a perk. I am going on a vacation in a few weeks with some good friends = the first time I have ever gone somewhere JUST for me.

5 things I like about me:

1. I am honest
2. I have a good sense of humor
3. I'm a good cook
4. I am dependable
5. I am cheerful and optimistic most of the time.

5 things I am looking forward to:

1. Meeting some of my online recovery friends
2. Finding the next stop on my job journey
3. Doing some Al Anon service work
4. Finishing the neverending Bathroom Project from H*ll
5. Seeing my son perform his music on stage

Hugs. I am looking forward to learning more about all of you!
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great idea! I am a mom of 2 boys. 16 & 20 yrs old. both captains of the football team. My heros. I raise and train& over feed(lol) minitaure horses. I am learning the foal out part and absolutly love it! I raise my own beef, turkeys, and chickens. 3 big dogs and a whole butt load of cats. I'm a part time massage therapist, and looking for more work.

5 things I like about myself:
1. I'm friendly
2. loyal
3. fun
4. love animals
5. hard worker

5 things I'm looking forward to;
1. moving out of the cold & rain
2. getting a big size horse
3. seeing my son go to college
4. having lots of grand babies
5. finding a man that can fix things and likes animals
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okay......I've looked at this many times now I will try to answer
Like about me
1. I'm dependable
2. I care about people
3. I am loyal
4. i'm capable
5. I'm kind

Looking forward
1. to learning more about me
2. finding a hobbie
3. going back to school
4. correcting some of my behaviors to feel better about me
5. finding what life has in store for me
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let it grow!
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About me:
I love my family.
I'm a good cook.
I adore gardening.
I'm funny.
I'm open minded.

Looking forward to:
Closing some big sales at my job.
Continuing my alanon step work.
Enjoying the rest of the long days of summer OUTSIDE.
Fishing on my mom's lake.
Seeing friends over long weekends.

hugs, k
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A work in progress....
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I think this is a great way to start the day!

About me: I am fifty years old and have three sons, ages 24, 19, and 10. I have a new grandaughter who will be 4 weeks old on Wednesday. I have a degree in Medical Technology but haven't worked in that field since 1991. I had returned to school in 1990 to get a teaching degree, but put that dream on the 'back burner' to get involved in our family business, a wholesale/retail sporting goods (as in archery, hunting, etc.) store. We expanded the business in 1994 to include a western store, which was my focus until we were forced to liquidate in 2006. I really enjoyed managing that part of the store; I have always loved horses and the whole 'cowboy' persona. I am currently enrolled in an 'adult degree completion' program in Early Childhood Education; it meets one night a week for 18 months and when I finish, I will have the teaching degree that I wanted 15 years ago!

5 things I like about myself:
1. I get along well with most anyone
2. I have a lot of compassion for people who are hurting
3. I get told all the time that I don't look my age
4. I am intelligent
5. I love art and music; I am creative

5 things I look forward to:
1. Taking care of my grandaughter when my DIL goes back to med school in August
2. Finishing my degree
3. Doing some redecorating on my home
4. Learning more about myself
5. Raising Siberian Husky pups in a couple of years

That was a little harder than I thought it would be.......*grin*
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"Tell us about yourself so we can get to know you AND list 5 things you like about yourself or are good at and 5 things you look forward to."

i'm 22, will be 23 in 2 months. i've been sober for almost 14 months, which is amazing... i have a pitbull named Haze who's the best dog, super sweet. she doesn't know she's a pit. i live with my boyfriend, who is also in recovery and a pretty great guy. i am blessed to have an incredible blended family, full of characters. i love swimming, cycling, being outside, reading, movies, music, and life. i have amazing friends who make being alive a joy. the biggest miracle is that i'm able to appreciate all these gifts today.

5 things i like about myself:
1.) i'm funny.
2.) i'm smart.
3.) i give freely.
4.) i'm optimistic.
5.) i'm dependable.

5 things i'm looking forward to:
1.) getting my niece a rock polisher for her 8th birthday.
2.) seeing "Once" and "Transformers"
3.) visiting with my friends tonight, making coffee and hanging out.
4.) my 23rd birthday coming up in september, and the office season three coming out on DVD the same day!
5.) my netflix coming in the mail.

this is great! more people share!
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7 things I look forward to

I want to learn Spanish and become fluent and bilingual.
Getting my energy back...switching to decaf has made me completely lethargic and fatigued 24/7
Getting my house truly organized and clean. (Have been just closing the door on the storage/guest room) for months!
Finishing my knitted garment for new grandson (Eli) and putting the last touches on 5 yr old grandson's (Noah) afghan.
Buying 5-10 acres of land in southern Indiana across the Ohio river from Louisville KY.
Restoring my credit.
Retrieving my belongings from daugher's in Indiana where they have been in storage for almost 5 years.

3 paragraphs about myself tomorrow, k?

Thank you everyone, this is a beautiful thread and I must ask, does it help you feel better about your self?

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Originally Posted by liveweyerd View Post
Thank you everyone, this is a beautiful thread and I must ask, does it help you feel better about your self?
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YAY!!!!! Me too, and that was the intent of the dare.

Let's keep it up, k?
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A few things I like about me:

I am compassionate and empathetic
I am intelligent and have a photographic memory
I am an attractive person
I am artistic

(course all these things are null when Im depressed or in teh midst of a roller coaster
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IT DOES make me feel better!!! I'm not so thrilled that it was such a stretch for me to come up with five things, but I'm hoping that as I begin to awaken myself to the possibility that maybe I AM worthy, loveable and deseving of believing in myself/that I deserve good things- more things will come.
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