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It is great to meet all of you and learn about who you are beyond your connections to addiction. Thanks, Heather, for a thought provoking thread.

Five things about myself . . .
I am resourceful.
I am a creative thinker.
I am reliable and responsible.
I am old enough to retire again, yet I am still kicking. Being old is not so bad if you think young.
I have a great smile for an old gal. (I have all of my teeth. :-D)

I look forward to . . .
Reading all of the books I have accumulated and looking for more.
Playing with my five grandchildren while I make the rounds visiting this week.
Growing as a professional educator.
Supervising student teachers next year.
Dancing with or without a partner!! Anyone care to flatfoot?
Just one more . . . seeing more of this great country and the world.

When I grow up, I want to achieve Ann's level of grace, wisdom, and serenity.
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I have been avoiding this post since it seems selfish to think about me too much, and then I realized what a codie I am. So I am forcing myself to do this. Here goes.
I am a high school English teacher who has been teaching for 26 years, I love teaching and high school students, and I will be turning 50 this fall.
5 things about me..
I am stronger than I think most of the time.
I love laughing and cracking stupid jokes.
I am a good listener,
a loving friend,
I've lost 11 pounds on WW's since May 28th.

I look forward to
getting my son back into rehab
paying off my credit cards
watching my sons become great men
spending time with my bf
reading good books.

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This is a great thread! I've enjoyed reading about everyone, and look forward toreading many more posts!
A little about me ~ I'm 48 and have a 15 year old son and 13 year old daughter. I work in special education, and am going back to school nights this year to expand my horizons!
Five things I like about me ~
1. I am a happy person and eternal optimist
2. I see the best in people. This might get me in codie trouble, but I wouldn't change it for the world.
3. I'm content with little and easily amused
4. I am artistic and creative ~ sometimes to a fault!
5. I love animals of all types

Five things I'm looking forward to~
1. Going back to school
2. The new opprotunities every day brings!
3. Spending the holidays peacefully
4. Watching my kids' lives unfold
5. Football season! (Go Pats!!!)
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MY three paragraphs.

BTW...for me this is the hard part!

I am 48 years old but still feel like a kid at heart, and with some hair coloring artfull makeup and well chosen clothes I can even look younger. In low lighting....10 years younger. WOOO-HOOOO.
I have lived with money and with no money and it doesn't make a big difference to material things have a very low place in my value system. What I do value is freedom. I am on a low budget "sabbatical" right now. I hate the rat race. I am in my 2d marriage after 13 years single and that relationship is a joy to me. We will celebrate our 2d anniversary in August. But we started dating some 4-5 years ago.
My husband is a disabled we spend all most all of our time together...and enjoy each other's company more than anyone else's.

MY favorite thing used to be traveling...but my butt has spasms when I think about it now! LOL However I have been privileged to have traveled a good amount...and the things collected in my travels are the only material goods that really mean alot to me. Everywhere I look at home are reminders of places, people and adventures. Those alone make me feel privileged and bring me smiles.

I love psychology, sociology and the humanities. Love watching and studying people.
One of my amusements is to watch how differently people respond to me according to how I am dressed. Hubby plays this game with me.
For instance...go into a department store in professional dress and you will have 2 sales ladies offering assistance. Go in looking like a bag lady, no assistance and they check your id 3 times. Also dressed up, in the street, people will greet you, bag lady they cut a wide path and lower their eyes. One time in South America we dressed up like country music stars. It stopped everyone on the street in their tracks. LOL.

So, I am pretty self amusing. I go on book binges, prefer non fiction in the subjects I mentioned before. My family thinks I am an eccentric. Well, maybe some others too.? LOL

I have clinical depression and a severe anxiety disorder but they are treated and are managable. However lately I have been sleeping too much and my rump is glued to the lounge chair. As hubby also has these conditions, it fosters much better acceptance and understanding. I have been spending my time on the computer and he watches tv with headphones on because I find electronic noise totally irritating.
But I know these things run in cycles, so I just don't worry about it.

Here is a photo of hubby and I:
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Live, You look like Meryl Streep. And Heather, you should also add that you are a beautiful woman with a great smile. Hugs, Marle
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One of my amusements is to watch how differently people respond to me according to how I am dressed. Hubby plays this game with me.
For instance...go into a department store in professional dress and you will have 2 sales ladies offering assistance. Go in looking like a bag lady, no assistance and they check your id 3 times. Also dressed up, in the street, people will greet you, bag lady they cut a wide path and lower their eyes.
I do that too!!! I always find it fun
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I'm no angel!
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I saw this picture on another of your threads, I was taken back by it. It is outstanding, so real, so pure. I love the depth of black & white photo's, and you my dear, are lovely.

5 things I like about me:

I am old, and, a survivor.

I am honest, sometimes to a fault, I end up pissing people off.

I am strong willed.

I am loyal.

I am street smart.

That's it, me in a nutshell.
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Thanks, Heather, for this great thread -- I'll play, hard as it is

Five random things about me:
1. My favorite comfort food is toast. It's what I could make myself when I was a tiny kid, parents too hungover to feed me, and so it feels like self-sufficiency.
2. I am more comfortable walking through "spooky" shady, mossy, bouldery woods than I am on a 'safe' street corner
3. I love naps
4. I secretly still think that I'm unloveable, but I can live with the fact that I seem to have several people hoodwinked into loving me anyway.
5. My dog's name is Ike, named after the littlest cast member of South Park

Five things I like about myself:
1. I am in love with books
2. My eyes are a very nice shade of foresty brown
3. I am a good friend to my husband without being codependent any more. He trusts me not to hurt his feelings. This is an art form I've worked hard at, and am proud of.
4. I can no longer be swayed by guilt trips. I am solid in myself.
5. I am a pretty good writer and a hard-working student.

Five things I'm looking forward to:
1. Getting older. Every year of my life I get wiser and nicer and more fun to be around as my neuroses drop away.
2. Getting a writing degree
3. Buying a house that has more room around it for dogs, gardens, etc. some day soon
4. Seeing the new Danny Boyle movie coming out later this year
5. Waking up tomorrow morning

Love to all,
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Wow! you look very Meryl Streepesque!
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