Its Over Tomarrow

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and Gwen I also wanted to say that you give me hope and that I am proud of how you handle all of these issues from your made mistakes but you seem to face them and get thru them and stay focused on the life your trying to rebuild................BE proud of yourself and all you have achieved!!!
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You are in my prayers. I'll be looking for your post tomorrow around noon!
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Hugs, love and prayers for leniency.
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I just talked to my lawyer. She said that it looks good if my probation officer shows up tomarrow as well as Paul, my mom and anyone else who can vouch for me that I dont drive anymore. The judge will tend to lean towards what the Probation Officer says. She also said that the prosecuting attorney is recommending that I do 4 years for the driving felonies. She said she will try to continue that case until we can fight it more or talk to the prosecutor into maybe some kind of probation. My lawyer said that she cant be there tomarrow but she is sending her dad who is retired now but practiced law for 42 years. Is this a good thing? I dont know. My lawyer said she cant be there because she has a conflict, another trial in another county.
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Continued prayers and positive thoughts your way-keep posting-
~keep your mind on good things
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let it grow!
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yes, take lots of support with you if you can..blessings, k
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I would think if your attorney on record is unable to represent you due to other court commitments that that would automatically qualify for some sort of continuance. I have been so proud of your actions in the past months and if I could come and testify on your behalf to help at all I would be there in a minute. I will be praying for you that you get the break you deserve.
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So its not going to be over tomarrow. My lawyers dad is showing up for the probation revocation hearing to settle that matter but is going to ask for a continuation on the driving felonies. The prosecutor wants 4 years because in Missouri a DUI is the worst driving offense you can commit and a driving while revoked is the 2nd worse offense you can commit. They are prosecuting me to the fullest extent they can. They dont care that I have kids. They have seen them in court with me. They wont be there tomarrow. So if I do get to continue in probation I am still gonna have o return for the driving felonies, so thats more agony for another day.
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Gwen I dont know if this will make u feel better or not but my sister had 4 dwi's got her 4th while drivign on a revoked license and also several counts of violation of probations. They were pushing her to go upstate prison for 2.5-4yrs. The judge sentenced her to 6mos in county jail. I hope u wont have to do any time but the judge might be a little compasionate and with your probation officer there to testify on your behalf things just might work out for u. I hope they do.
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Gwen-I am sorry that this will not be over for you tomorrow.
We cannot see the reasons behind certain situations. "More will be revealed" though at some point. Perhaps look at this as additional time for spiritual preparedness. I have heard several women share in my meeting of their "spiritual sponsors". I don't have one myself however if there is such a thing maybe one may guide you now.
Continued prayers for you
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Sending prayers for you Gwen, Your HP is watching over you.
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Gwen, Sending prayers that they let you continue with the probation, but if that doesn't work out, know that we all love and care about you and will be praying. Hugs, Marle
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just wanted to add my support - i hope everything will be ok - continuances just seem to make the inevitable farther away - maybe the more time that passes with no tickets or anything the better - maybe that's what your higher power is doing for you with all of this - maybe...

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Or However You Spell It....
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My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Hugs and prayers coming your way, and I will pray for you tomorrow.
If you at all get the chance to speak in your behalf, please do so.

Tell the judge all that you have been telling us, during your time here.

I believe you are truly regretful for what you have done.

Tell the judge how you feel,
and what you have been doing
to make yourself a better person.

You never know, good things happen.
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Nature Girl
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Gwen my prayers go with you. We all will be walking with you in spirit tomorrow, and you can be sure if the judge is not merciful I will risk contempt and kick him with the steel toes bunny slippers.

It sounds hopeful with your probation officer on your side. However it goes, God has good plans for you.

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you will be in my prayers tonite. I have followed you for months. You have done so well. Love Marian
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