Its Over Tomarrow

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Its Over Tomarrow

Tomarrow is the day. I have court for my probation revocation hearing and will have 2 felony charges of driving while revoked. I have tried not to agonize over this day tomarrow. I have kept myself busy from the time I get up until I fall into bed. I havent been around here for the last couple weeks because I wanted to take a break and spend as much time with my kids and Paul as possible. And has it been so very busy! In the last two weeks Ive had to go to a family reunion, a wedding, 7 softball games, take my son to the Emergency Room twice for falling of the trampoline and then he pulled a welding cart in the garage over on him. He's ok. Just alot of bumps and bruises. I have also spent almost everyday in the pool with my girls and teaching my son who is 2yo to swim. I got a really nice tan going for me now!

I dont know what will happen tomarrow. My lawyer says it looks like I will be doing some time in prison. Im looking at 4months to a year and a half. If I dont show up here for awhile, that is what has happened. I will try to have someone post for me if that should happen. I pray this will not be the case. I have prayed on this everyday.

I wanted to come here today to say goodbye now in case I have to go to jail tomarrow. I will continue to keep each and everyone of you in my prayers and thoughts while I am gone. When I come out, I will be back.

If you can say a prayer for me for tomarrow, I would appreciate it so much.
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I will be keeping u and your family in my thoughts. I hope it all turns out ok I cant imagine what your feeling today and its gotta be hard. Hopefully to court will look at it a different way and might let u off on some of the charges. Please have someone up date us if the worst happens. I will be hoping that I hear from u though.
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oh gwen, my heart goes out to you. extra prayers and hugs. k
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Prayers going out.
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Gwen, Prayers going out your way. I hope the outcome will be a good one. I'm hoping after tomorrow we will see you back on here. Stay strong, I am pulling for you.

I am hugging you really tight right now, be brave..................Lo
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Prayers on the way.

My first thoughts as I read that... Does your lawyer know and understand how proactive you are towrds working recovery? I would think that sharing such with the judge may gain you some mercy.
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My thoughts and prayers are with you, Gwen.
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Prayers here too. I hope that things work out and you do not have to go to prison for any length of time. You have come a long way and maybe the judge will see that too. See ya soon.
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No matter what happens tomorrow, please know that you are loved & we will be waiting for you to come back - whether it's tomorrow or months from now.


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gwen sending my prayers too. i really hope that all works out for you and your family.
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Rely on your Higher Power---always!!
*positive thoughts* are so absolutely key for me.
I know it may seem hard, even impossible to think "positively" right now---
but I tell you that surrounding yourself consciously with positive thoughts, as automatically as we take breaths of the air we breathe becomes habit,
and very quickly so!

Practice, "I am safe and I am SO loved--no matter what happens---today or any other day"
"this is my beautiful gift---for me today, this is my piece of mind".
~I am praying for you-we are all praying for you-
You can and will do this!!!
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Hugs, prayers, love all being sent your way

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oh, gwen, i wish you a very postive outcome in court.i hope you are here posting everything is wonderful. you have my prayers & support as always.please whatever happens know that you have us waiting & just take care of yourself.more prayers for you & your family.hugs, hope
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My prayers and positive thoughts are with you....Cali said it well, try to surround yourself with positive images of a very positive result and remember in your heart how far you have come. If you do have to serve some time, your HP has a reason...keep your heart and soul open to that thought, regardless of the outcome.

You are a wonderful person and mom and all will work out for you...One day at a time you will get through this. We are here, no matter the outcome, we are always praying and supporting you. Hugs and prayers.
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Prayers to you and your family.
Thinking of you and hoping for the best.
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Gwen, my heart also goes to you and your family. I will be praying for you tonight and hoping the postive happens tomorrow. I hope someone would be able to come online to let us know how your court date works out.

You will be on my mind.

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What time today?
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I hope someone would be able to come online to let us know how your court date works out.


I have been talking to Laurie 6781 alot. If I should go to jail tomarrow, I will give her a call before I go and she will post what happens.

I also wanted to add here that my probation officer said he will come to my hearing tomarrow and tell the judge that it is his hope that I continue in my probation. I have been told that the judge tends to sway toward what the probation officer has to say. I made friends with him from the start as that is my nature. It wasnt to get brownie points. It was to just simply to let him know how I really am and who I am. I made a friend in him and I think it did do me a lot of good. What I may be doing jail time for is the driving while revoked charges. It doesnt matter why I was driving to the courts (I drove to go get my kids from school). I am hoping for probation onthose charges or at the very least an ankle braclete that monitors me at home. It binds me to the home only to be able to leave for a few hours a week or to work. But at least I would be home with my kids and Paul. I dont know what really may happen. I will keep Laurie posted on the outcome.
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you will be in my thoughts.............
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Originally Posted by liveweyerd View Post
What time today?

Its tomarrow at 9am.
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