sorry yall

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Everyone should take time out. It's good to recognize when it's needed.
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(((Teke))) So glad your ok. I hope you feel better soon. Take car of you, we love you!!!!
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Glad you checked in to let us know you were ok..
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Get Caught Reading
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oh TEKE welcome glad you are ok or at least hanging in there. Dont be sorry everyone needs alittle time away( hey wasnt that a song title in the 80s?) anyhow I am very happy you checked in............
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Teke -

Glad that you simply took time for you...sounds like it was time well spent and needed. If you ever wonder if you matter, are loved, needed, rejoiced in then just take a look at all the people that went seeking you when you "went missing". WE LOVE YOU! Can you imagine a recovery forum going to the Atlanta police? a matter of fact, it could have happened! This group is one that knows how to find what we want - you! So glad that you are back. You were a good example in that you did what you needed to do for you!

I'm glad that "my" Teke is back with your wonderful and smiling Precious.

Love you! Donna
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WHAT were you thinking???????

You left a group of codies without so much as a "toodle oo". There was much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth going on... a few search and rescue missions being planned, and I think you may see your face on a milk carton or two...

Seriously, I am one of those who comes on and off sporadically. Sometimes it's due to my work schedule, sometimes due to my life adventures. Each of us handles growth in our recovery in our own way.

There are many who have come and gone on these boards, and I miss the unique perspective that they gave. But, in my heart, I hope and pray they have found a better life and they are out there living it!

Many hugs. Glad you're ok.

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let it grow!
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good for you for getting away with your family! k
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i hope today is a little gentler for you - i've missed *seeing* your shiny you...

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Glad you're ok! Praying prayers of peace and strength for you. Hope you feel better
and stronger soon.
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Welcome Back
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Peace Hope Love
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teke - g;ad you are safe and sound. But agree - next time leave us a note! adults need time outs too! We understand and love you/M
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I'm glad to hear that you're okay and trying to take care of yourself. We could all take a lesson from you. See you back here when you're settled.
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grateful rca
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thanks for your welcome backs, we love yous and your prayers. just checking in to say hi and that i'm still around, just a little busy now. love ya
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Hug giver-outer!
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Welcome back, Teke, I guess I can give back the keys to the Codie Bus.
Bus??? Heck, I was flying around in the SR Private Jet, searching high and low!
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