AD taking baby steps

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I'm HOME!!!!!
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AD taking baby steps

Hey guys....

I haven't posted anything about my situation in awhile, and I think it's because I'm afraid to get my hopes up

AD and her boyfriend, both checked themselves into detox over a week ago. They are now both on methadone, still homeless, but taking baby steps.

They both look soooo good. Have gained a little weight, and their faces and eyes look so much clearer. I told my daughter she looks 1000% better than even just a month ago. It just makes me sooo happy, but I'm afraid to get toooo excited about it. Apparently they are both looking into rehab, so I still need your prayers.

Anyway, just wanted to update everyone...thanks for listening

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NSW, Sending out many prayers. I am glad to hear the news. Yeahhhh !!! They gotta start somewhere right? They just took the biggest step of all, congradulations. I hope their HP helps thaem with their choices.
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My prayers are with you and your daughter.
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NSW, Sending prayers that this is their time. Hugs and thanks for the update. Marle
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let it grow!
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oh, that is great news, notsleepingwell! keep us posted. sounds like steps in the right direction for all concerned. blessings, and extra prayers for early recovery - k
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that is such good news.enjoy this one day at a time. this could be their miracles.sending prayers up for both of them & you too. hugs, hope
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Great news sending prayers your way.
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Sending my prayers your way..

Hope and LOve, hope3
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Good to hear this! Celebrate every day that they are working on their recovery. One day at a time like others have said. I am glad you got to see her looking so much better. I know that warms your heart as it should. I am praying that this lasts. You are right to be cautious, but also right to be excited!
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Thats great news!

The ONLY way my exah was able to get away from the heroin was with methadone. I know that there are lots of mixed opinions about methadone but my exah swears that it saved his life. My exah has been on methadone for about 4 years now. He thinks he'll probably be on it for life. I don't think it was meant to be a lifelong thing but its better than the alternative. Its given my exah a chance to leave the heroin behind and thats a very good thing.

I'm sending out my biggest, hugest, loudest prayers. I hope your AD finds her way and if methadone is the vehicle to get her where she needs to go, than its a very good thing.

Give your sweet grandson a hug for me, okay?
Lots of love...
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On a tear
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Prayers on the way ((((NotsleepingwellDaughter)))))

That this can be her time, that she finds the strength and commitment to continue that God continues to walk with her and keep her safe.

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Thank you NSW...I have lots of prayers being sent up for your daughter and her BF and for you and your grandson. I'm so glad she is lookign is amazing how they "clean up nice" so quickly once they start getting clean. Thank you for the hope and I think you are so streong and amazing. I know it hurts your heart to watch her suffer, but you've done what you had to do for you and you grandson and for her too! Hugs and prayers
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I'm HOME!!!!!
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Ahhhh, my wonderful friends, no one understands as you all do!!! It's been a long journey to get to here. Been exactly a year as of May 23rd, and a more difficulty journey, I've never taken, but because of all of you, I've made it this far!!!

I thank you for your prayers. I'm sure we still need em everyday, and I pray for all of you as well.

NSW aka Linda
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Baby steps are good and I hope your daughter continues on a better path.

hugs & prayers ~

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Prayers to you and your family. Sounds like your daughter is finally facing her problem. Its a step in the right direction.
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Sounds like some positive news. Enjoy this time.

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Hi NotSleepingWell, I will keep you all in my prayers & I hope that they both go into the rehab.
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Sounds like she's heading in the right direction. Good luck to you. I'm kind of going through the same thing with my as. He'll be home in a day or two. When I saw him on Monday at the rehab, his color was back. He does desperately need a haircut and shave though. I hope their all on the road to recovery.
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Add my prayers to the list and take a couple for yourself.

I know how good it feels to know they are safe and heading in the right direction. Let's just all pray real hard that she keeps going. What a blessing this is.

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Keep the faith! As long as they know that you are there for them. Glad they look and feel better. That is a great start in the right direction. Good luck.
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