sorry yall

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grateful rca
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sorry yall

i'm so sorry yall, i had no idea that you guys would worry about me, i'm just checking in to let you all know that i am ok. i felt like these walls were closing in on me so friday, the last day of school, i picked up the kids from school and went to my moms for a few days, i HAD to take a break. i had began to feel so overwhelmed with trying to protect me and my emotions, until i found myself living in fear, questioning everything i said and did.

thank you all for caring and loving me, you've managed to do that, even when i didnt love myself. now i'm kind of ashamed of me, but i just had to step away. not quite ready and settled in yet but i hope to be soon. still have a lot to do around here before i'm settled in. again i'm sorry.
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U have NOTHING to be ashamed of your such a good person look how much your loved and missed here u really add alot here. Now go get settled and we will all catch up with u later. Thanks for checking in!!!
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Welcome back! I know the feeling........sometimes I just have to put myself away for a while.

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Well, YAY that your home and ok. But sorry for the hard time you are having Teke. I will pray for you too.
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Oh Teke, Don't worry I am just so glad you are ok. I have felt like that many times myself ( Like Yesterday ) I was feeling so torn trying to please everyone else in my family I wanted to get on a plane for California......................just cuz its about as far away as I can get & still be in the USA.
Hope the time you spent at your mom's helped clear your head.
Its must be nice to see how much you were missed while you were gone. I bet you never thought everyone would miss you so much. Next time you decide to hit the road send a short post..........only kidding but I really wondered if you were ok since I enjoy "talking " to you so much.
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Next time, just TELL us you'll be away...I planned a search and rescue mission into my camping trip to Atlanta this weekend because of you. (Just kidding, sweetie...just really glad to hear from you.)
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I missed you so. Just want you to know that!
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oh teke, you don't have to apologize! we missed you, sooo glad you're back. we all need a little break now and then. ((((teke)))
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Glad that your safe and sound. We'll see you when you get back. Take care.
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you have nothing to be sorry for.i am just glad you are back.welcome home..hugs & prayers.
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Nature Girl
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Welcome back, Teke, I guess I can give back the keys to the Codie Bus.

Take care of you, that's what this whole thing is all about.
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I'm glad you're okay.
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Don't worry Teke, we are just glad that you are okay. That is the important part for us. Hugs and prayers for some peaceful times for you. Marle
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Teke, thanks for letting us know you are okay. I'm sorry things are unstable right now and I am praying that your HP will guide you and give you comfort during this part of the journey. I know he is there...just find a quiet place and he will be there, reassuring you.

Keep taking care of you...I'm glad you know we love you....cause we really do! You are beautiful Teke, inside and out and when that voice inside starts to make you doubt that, just remember all the people who you have and continue to help here. You are a strong and wonderful woman and there is no room for doubt about that! Hugs and prayers
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u was always there for everyone. and me
and we love u alot and u know u have abig big hug from me!!
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On a tear
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What!?? We aren't going to Georgia???!!! We were going to find you and then lay in the sun and drink peach something on ice!... DANG it.

Guess I'll have to take the suit back...

Glad you're back... ((Teke))
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Just plainly tired
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teke thank god you posted... you really had me worried!! I am glad your okay!

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Hey Teke! I am so glad you are OK and took some days to be at your Mom's! GOOD 4 U!

We all missed you here.. ya know us codies.. we got to take care of each other or we all go a little nutz!

I have been praying for ya and asking my HP (God) to keep an eye on you and keep you safe!

(How could you think we wouldn't miss ya????? Geeze loueeze Girl Friend, you are one of us!)
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((((Teke)))) So glad you posted. I've missed reading your posts so much. Glad to know that you're ok. Get settled and get back here!!!! Just kidding, take all the time you need.
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