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Happpy Mom

Got the word 9:30 this morning...Meg is out and home - Yippee!! This is the last of the consequences from her dui in 2005 (well no license still but that is a given and she knows bus routes...they even chose the new place based on location to public transportation)

The CO who supervises them on the work release program brought them pizza and wings for lunch yesterday to celebrate her leaving...that's the kind of impact this young woman makes (believe me, they ain't too friendly in there ) It was such a special treat for her and the handful of women she worked with.

She told me Sunday when I visited that despite all the sadness and stress and misfortune over this past year or two, she realizes she has so much in her life. Others leaving there face having to completely rebuild or return to a life of despair. She said she was grateful for a loving partner and "amazing" parents (good way to suck up to mom, lol) who supported her throughout the ordeal, a new home that her boyfriend found while she was there, enjoying our new weekend retreat with us when they can, and being able to finish her college semester because all her professors worked with her when she honestly explained the situation. I'm so happy for her and really, really proud of the young woman she has become...she has worked program hard and it shows. She and her boyfriend and his dad are coming over tonight for dinner...she asked if we could do that and told me what she wanted awhile ago...I think her mouth has been watering for a couple of weeks

It's a joyful day and this mom is so grateful that her HP watched over her, gave her strength to get through the ordeal and the wisdom and compassion to make a difference in the lives she touched in the jail for the last 2 months. I'm grateful for all the wonderful things I have in my life. Hugs and prayers for all of you and all the addicts we love.
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Awww Greet, that is good news!

I'm doing the happy dance for you! (and her...)
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That's such an uplifting post Greet. Thank you for sharing this. I've got a grin on my face from ear to ear.
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((((Greet))))) I love to hear positive stories of addicts/alcoholics finding their way into recovery and loving it.
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let it grow!
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oh, i love a happy mom! blessings, k
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Oh Greet, I can just imagine how happy you all are! I'm so deeply moved by what you have shared and as always your recovery and strength shine!
Thanks for sharing your joy with us!
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Hi Greet, Congratulations.................I am so very happy for you, and for your daughter, in fact for your whole family!!!
Enjoy the day.

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Thanks for the update. This is great news!!!
Joining in the happy dance!
I know you are a proud mom and she sounds like she is proud of YOU too.
Good job for both of you.
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greet, i am happy for you & her both.this is great news. i wish her the best.she sounds as if she is going to do,her & all concerned have my prayers.hugs,hope
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On a tear
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Good news is such GOOOD news! Thank you for sharing your wonderful girl with us... I wish her all the best.
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Greet, Sounds like your daughter is a sweet, caring person. I am so happy that she got the chance to show it. And happy with you for the blessings she brings to you. Hugs, Marle
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I'm HOME!!!!!
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Greet...that's greeeeat. So Happy for you
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Oh, Greet, this post made my heart swell up with pride - for you, for her, for all of us who work and pray so hard that things like this will happen.

Love and hugs to you
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grateful rca
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thanks for the update greet, i am so happy for you and her, i pray that she'll continue to move forward. you all are in my prayers
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Your post made me cry. What a wonderful thing that she came around full circle.
My son will be going into a rehab for 2 months starting this Saturday.
How wonderful to see that people DO change.
God Bless you both.
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Greet, I turned on my computer & the screen was so bright I just knew it'd be you beaming. Please tell her how proud I am of her & give her a welcome home hug for me. Enjoy!!
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That is wonderful news. Her HP was really looking out of her, and her attitude seems to be in the right place also.
Good luck to you and your family,
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I am just so happy for you.
Thank you for sharing this news with us.
Your post made my heart smile tonight.

Ya know...I just couldn't help but think as I read your post about how upset and worried you were over this whole situation. (As any mom would be). And yet, that daughter of yours managed to take something that could have been so negative and turned it into lots of positives. I guess our HP really does know what he's doing. Your post proves it.

I hope you all enjoyed your dinner together.
Meg is a very special woman...and I have a pretty darn good idea who she takes after!!
My heart is full of joy for all of you.

Enjoy your time together.
And thanks for sharing your light with us.

Happy, happy, joyful hugs to you, my friend.
I just love ya!!!!
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Wonderful. I love to hear of people who really work it.
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