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Dearest Greet,
I am so happy for you and for your daughter. You certainly have alot to be proud of in her. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful news.
(((((((((((Happy for you Hugs))))))))))))))))
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Thanks for sharing
AA Hugs,
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So nice to hear Good news!!!! You are so happy you spelt happy wrong--that made me smile--How wonderful for you and your daughter!!!!
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My heart's singing with yours right now my friend. I'm really glad she's home
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Thank you all so much! We had a wonderful evening together...filet mignon and chicken on the grill (in the secret marinade ) and salad and some sweets for a treat...She was so happy to be stuffed with home cooking. Her boyfriend got a call while they were here telling him that his production as a technician for the company he works for was 1/3 more than anyone they have ever had so he is getting a significant raise. What a lovely surprise for them to add to a joyful day. (He's an absolute sweetheart, such a kind heart...a big guy who is just an adorable teddy bear, and so REAL...I think they are perfect together, but I guess I am prejudice, lol)

I mention here and in meetings pretty often about what I consider Godincidences. I no longer believe in coincidence. Ten months ago my daughter was brought back from being transported to serve this time when a judge changed his mind and decided to stay her term pending the appeal...The police in that city told me that has never happened before. I know it was so she would be here when her sister died, just 36 hours later. She served her sentence now and ended up befriending and eventually bunking with a young woman with the same addictions as Kristen (her sister who died) and she helped her to learn about 12 steps and NA. That young woman is actively seeking a halfway house for when she is released. My daughter was supposed to serve until the beginning of June...mandatory sentencing seemed to make that a given. But somehow (and none of us asked how...believe me) she was released 31 days early...right before her birthday (Friday), her sister's birthday which will be a difficult first (she would have turned 21) and in time to get all of her college course work finished without having to take any incompletes. I know God's presence is there, always working for us if we just sit back and let him.

Hugs and prayers.
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I think your right Greet, Everything was as it should have been. I love you phrase. .."Godincidnces" Very fitting. Sounds like the big guy has some very special plans for Miss Meg. Glad you all had a great night.
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I feel your joy, Greet, and am so happy you shared this with us. And it's another example of how God's blessings sometimes come in strange wrappings. She has come through this a person better for the experience and I have no doubt that God put the other girl in her path to learn her own lessons and find a better way to live.

I also feel that you have been an inspiration for her, that your strength, courage and light has, by example, shown her a better way.

Excuse me now, I have to do a happy dance here and just wallow in this good news for a while.

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What great news! Happy dance from me to you and your daughter.
Prayers for your family.
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This is great news for a wonderful young lady who has worked her program to success, good for her. Of course the news that she is home is a huge weight off of moms shoulders, I am sure that you are feeling much better now. God has his blessings for us all. Take care, Brit.
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Whats for dinner? Had to ask, really greet, I feel the joy in your

heart all the way here in upstate NY............May all your upcomming days

be as blessed.........hugs, hope3
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