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(((((((((gwen))))))) i hate this crap for have really tried. every time my son violated probation he was held in jail till court.i hope this goes not happen to you. this is totally up to your probation officer i think.prayers for you & more prayers for you that u will not serve prison time.hugs,
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Originally Posted by WantsOut View Post
Gwen, you're one of my favorite posters - our lives are both pretty messy right now. I won't give up if you won't. Let's pretend we're Scarlett O'Hara and cry out in lovely drawl, "Tomarrah is another day!"

Alright, so you say that and then look around and everything's still a mess and now people are looking at you funny too ... let's just try to get through each day - each day passed brings us closer to the sunny days that are allegedly ahead for us both. I can hardly wait to get there. I hope to see you there too
Im with ya WantsOut! Tomarrah is another day! I laughed out loud. Thank you I needed that today. In all reality tomarrow is another day just like the day after that. Im here today and that is what is important. The storm clouds are threating on the horizon but today I will hold it off with my smile. I am not going to let this get me today!!!!!NO NO NO!

My day is going to consist of me calling another lawyer to make sure that mine is doing what she can. If I have to hire another lawyer to get different result, so be it. My friend seems to think my lawyer isnt doing all that is possible. Its like she is taking the recommendations from the prosecuting attorney and just going with it. She's not fighting. I had to tell her to maybe recommend probation, or an ankle bracelet something and all I got from her is "Ill try and see what she says." What kind of fighting is that for me. So far I have invested thousands in this attorney. Im not trying to get out of my mistakes. I will pay for them. I just to not do prison for it. If thats not an option then so be it. There isnt much I can really do. But before this over, I want to make sure every option has been played for.

My attorney also said she didnt want to draw this out because she didnt want to keep appearing. WTF? I dont say that often, but really? Isnt that what she has been paid for? Is there any attorney's on this board by chance?
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Gwen, did you speak to a new attorney.. I hope so. Keep us updated!!
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what's going on? are things anymore settled? - that must be the worst - all the uncertainty...

just wanted you to know that i'm thinking of you - hoping, praying for the best...

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I did talk to another attorney and of course their is something he says he can do, but he wants another $3000 up front to take on the case. Right now Im just trying to come up with $1500 to pay on my past due court fines by friday before Im due in court on the 11th. Im really worried and have been trying to turn this over to my HP but the agony of the situation keeps me taking it back. How can I just turn it over and not worry? I know what will be will be but to be honest I am terrified. Even my attorney is confused and doesnt know what is going to happen.
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Hi Gwen, I am pretty new here but not new to addiction.
I will be praying for u that u do not have to do jail time when u r obviously trying so hard.
As u said though take one day at a time, none of this is today & today is a beautiful day to be alive, thats why it is called the present because it is our HP's gift to us.

Hoping & Praying things go well for you,
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Ive talked with you a few times in the past Rozied. Today is a beautiful day today. We (my son and I) are watching cartoons, baking chocolate chip cookies, and going out to ride the go cart down to the lake to go play in the water for awhile. The sun is shining and its so pretty outside. Not a day to sit and worry what will be tomarrow. I will just put it on the back burner if only for a while today.
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Gwenmarie.. sounds like a lovely day with your son. Cherish the moments.
I will continue praying for you.
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(((GwenMarie))) I am glad you are doing the footwork, but if you need to continue with some time in the state jail, I know you will walk through that as well... you are an incredibly strong woman. Incredibly strong.

I can't know how hard this is for you, but I do know that when I try to project outcomes, I can ratchet UP my fear levels, without really solving anything or making anything better.

Stay in today, continue to ask HP for guidance and you might try a quiet time, without any distractions to meditate and just 'listen' for His response.

You are not alone in this... you have been in the arms of a Higher Power at each step, and after each step you have been stronger and more whole. Please know you are in my prayers today.

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Gwen.........someone who has been trying as hard as you have to put your life back on track deserves good things to happen. I'm hoping for good things for you..
Don't give up.........Lo
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