Alot Going On.

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Alot Going On.

I thought Id come in for a bt to let ya'll know I got alot going on. I had posted on Teke's thread(A Serious Question) a few weeks ago that I would do a poll and see about arranging a meeting place for all of us here at SR. Life has taken a turn of events that Im not able to do so. Just when I thought I was getting it all together a couple weeks ago, I was arrested at my probationer's office for a warrent from the judge for probation violations and being behind in my payments. I believe I started a thread on that too. Anyway, I am currently really searching for a job, going to Great and and going to temporary hiring temps. I am trying to show the judge I am getting it together. I am looking at doing 7 years in the state prison. The judge is not happy. I have several driving while revoked tickets. I have 3 pending for court this Wednesday. This is a felony. I dont know whether it will be one count or 3 counts. Either way Im looking at a prison term just for that. I am hoping that my attorney can get then reduced with probation or an ankle braclet. Anything but prison. But I made the mistakes. Alot of you know that I have been serving 60days in the county jail from last year on a probation violation. I now only have 8 days left. That is 4 more weekends. I was almost done. Now it looks as if I may be going from county to state jail. I have made so many changes in my life as to the length of selling my house to move to a town where I wouldnt have to drive anymore and I HAVENT!

So basically to sum up a long story I have court on Wednesday to appear before the judge on 3 Driving WHile Revoked. I still dont have a letter of recommendation from the prosecuting attorney yet. I face felony charges.
Next friday, I am to appear before my judge on the probation revocation for violating my probation. My attorney is hopeful. My Probation Offiver is also going to take time out of his schedule to appear on my behalf to tell the judge that he wants to see me continue in my probation. He see that I am trying and making changes. This judge can sentance me to do 7 years in state prison. And part of the violations were that I was behind $1500 in court fines and fees. This has been paid this week. So hopefully this will make the judge happier too. I can only hope he sees that I am trying. So if I should dissappear it means that I am sentanced to do jail time. I guess I am coming here to ask for your prayers to see me through whatever may come and to say goodbye if I should have to go to prison. I know I have asked for prayers on this before but I cant help but feel its all coming to a head now. I dont know for sure what is to happen or how.
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Sending some up!!! I know how scary that is and I hope the judge will see that u are a success story and will see all the positive changes u have done to improve your life and your families too!!!
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gwen, just keep doing the next right thing. blessings, and extra prayers to you. k
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You're in my prayers GwenMarie. Stay strong. You've made so many changes, hopefully your attorney will be able to convince the judge. Just praying whatever happens is in your HP's plan for you.
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Hello GwenMarie - You certainly have a lot on your plate - just remember SR members are praying for you and hoping for the best - Sending (((HUGS)))
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This will all come out for the best, Gwen. I know sometimes it probably seems fruitless, but you keep going the route you're going, and ask your H.P. for guidance, and it's all going to be okay. It may take a while to get it all sorted out, but it'll turn out okay.

I would be absolutely honest with the judge, and tell him how you have attempted to straighten out your life.

Prayers and hugs to you,
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Hi Gwen, I new here but I definately know what you're going thru with your court/license issues. My AH is currently serving time for his driving while suspended. Word to the wise out there, if a person who license is suspended drives a vehicle registered in your name, they can and will suspend your license too, it happened to me and I have to wait till 2009 to get mine back. Just do what you need to do and stay strong. This too shall pass. You're in my prayers.
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Gwen, You are in my prayers. I will definately be praying for you. And please check in on wednesday if all goes well!

Hugs.. I am thinking of you,

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grateful rca
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gwen i'm so sorry, you've been trying so hard to do the right thing, i'll continue to pray for you and i'll pray that god will give you favor with the court system. try to keep the faith that all will work out somehow.
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Gwen, If justice really prevails in your case, then I am praying that the judge does not sentence you to do anymore jail time. Maybe probation. I know it really bothers me when people that are trying get harder sentences than the drug dealers. Here in my town a man was given 9 months for selling heroin and crack to undercover cops three different times. This is the same man who would go to my daughter's abf's apartment and sell him crack when he knew that the abf was caring for his three young daughters. Sometimes I just have to wonder if there really is such a thing as justice. Anyway, I will send some mega prayers your way that the judge sees that putting you in jail is not in his or your best interests. Hugs, Marle
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I'll be praying for you too, and hoping for some good news from you soon.
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Gwen, you're one of my favorite posters - our lives are both pretty messy right now. I won't give up if you won't. Let's pretend we're Scarlett O'Hara and cry out in lovely drawl, "Tomarrah is another day!"

Alright, so you say that and then look around and everything's still a mess and now people are looking at you funny too ... let's just try to get through each day - each day passed brings us closer to the sunny days that are allegedly ahead for us both. I can hardly wait to get there. I hope to see you there too
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Just keep walking up that hill and do what you've been doing honey. All of us are here for you no matter what!! You're doing so well and hope the judge understands how hard you've been trying. I'm going to pray extra hard for you and hope the outcome will be on your side.
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Right now your fate lies in anothers hands. There is a lesson to be learned here, that is to manage your life so that you are in control of it, and that bad decisions can result in bad results.

You are to be applauded for taking positive steps in the right direction. I sincerely hope the judge sees it that way, too.

I know that you have a bright future ahead of you, Madam Dolly and I can just feel is in the cards.

You know I care, and, that I am in your corner.

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Hi Gwen,
Just wanted to add my prayers for you. There is so much good advice here before me. Please try to post if you can, we'll be thinking of you.
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Well GwenMarie or should we call you Scarlett now - that was so funny what Wantsout said - reminds me of the day I took the stand at divorce court - I had decided to play a "part" (the happy divorcee I guess) - wish I'd been Scarlett - Sounds like a fun idea.
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Oh Gwen, I feel for you. You have tried so hard to improve yourself and now you have to deal witht this.
I will be praying for you tonight.
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(((((Gwen))))) You're in my prayers sweetie. I think Wednesday will be a good day and then part of this will be behind you. Wednesday Meg gets out from her 90 days (reduced to 59) so I am feeling lots of positive energy that Wednesday will be fine. Hugs and prayers
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gwen, i prayers are right there with the others.prayers are powerful.hugs, hope
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I just called my attorney. She said the prosecutor is cancelling my court date for tomarrow to persue this to 3 felony counts. She want to file felony charges for each DWR. My attorney just said that it looks as if I am going to be doing time for sure. She is going to call the prosecuting attorney and see when the next court hearing is for. Im really speachless right now. My heart just sank. I still have court on the 11th for the probation revokation hearing. She seems to think the judge will continue my probation we hope. Nothing is for sure. My question is if they do file felony charges, will the judge revoke my probation then?
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