ok, the Band-Aid job has arrived....

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ok, the Band-Aid job has arrived....

I loved that term Kitty used, about sometimes having to find a band-aid job in between.

I was hired yesterday with a nice hotel in my area. The pay is every week, and that is going to be a huge help right now. The only kicker is that it is the 3-11 shift. Fine with me, but going to be a challenge with my little one. She will get out of school and have to go to Grandmas, (my x-A's mother) . I will keep in mind this is temporary..and it still leaves alot of the day open to me so I can keep trying to find something in my field. I already have another interview very early in the morning. I guess this is where the saying gotta do what you gotta do would apply to me right now.

I am keeping my head up, and worrysome thoughts away for now. I keep telling myself I will make it, I will make it!!

Hope everyone is well....

Love ya!
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Congrads to you.... You have come so far..... I'm so happy for you.... I also work a crazy shift.... 11-8.... but I thing my HP has reasons for me working this shift....

Good luck on your first day... I'm sending prayers your way...

Your friend... Clowie
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Congrats Bonbon!!!

and thanks to both you and Clowie for making me feel a little
less unique!!! I work an off the wall schedule too 11-6:30 depending on our remote sites... sometimes it is 1-9..

Keep putting one foot in front of the other and soon your HP will have dropped the perfect job in your lap... mine did :-)

Hugs from CA
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And you will make it Bonbon!!! Such great news about you getting your job! Best of luck to you- your on your way now.I hope your first day goes smoothly. Alot of us have crazy shifts but whatever it takes to pay the bills is my motto.Hang in there, your doing so good!!!

Take care,
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Horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrray!!!!!!!!!! Bon!
Yeah for those band-aid jobs....hey you may find a whole new career : ) I am so happy for you...I know this is not your ideal sitaution, but it is good to have some of the stress off of you. Your daughter will do fine...It is dark out and cold and not much time in the evening for fun stuff : ) was that? : )
Love you girl
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Yaaaaaaaaay, Bonbon!

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You will survive and some lucky employer is out there just ready to trip over you.

Good luck on all the jobs. There is one with your name written all over it.
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That is great. I had a bandaid job that led me to the one I have now. You just never know what the HP has in mind. Nothing is an accident.

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Good job!! And let me add how nice it is of you to keep the Ex-A's mom in your daughter's life. I am sure she loves you for it!!

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Hi Bonbon,
This sounds new and different, I like new
and different! I know what you are looking for will come along when the time
is right. Let us know how the new job

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Congratulations! I have so much respect for you, moving forward in spite of a really challenging situation. You never know where this may lead as MG said. I was thinking yesterday about faith and trust as I was walking my dogs. A train was going by my neighborhood and it reminded me of a incident that happened with my dog.

My German Shepard and I were walking along the railroad tracks because the street was so busy and I thought I knew the train schedule. I had him off the leash because he is so well behaved and he likes to run ahead. Suddenly I heard the train whistle. I quickly called my dog to me and he came right away. I placed him on the leash and we moved as far to the side as possible. I was afraid that he would be frightened and pull away and possibly run into the train's path. I kneeled down next to him, held the leash tight, and began to talk to him right in his ear. I told him in a calm voice that everything was alright, that he was a good boy etc. By this time the train was flying by us about 6 feet away. He was tense in the begining, but after I talked to him I felt his whole body relax. He trusted me. Even though the train was roaring by us and making frightening noise, he trusted me, that if I said it was ok, it really was ok. He was fine, the train passed without an incident, and we have never walked along the tracks again.

This is the defination of faith, I think, extream trust in spite of appearances. I hope to someday have this faith in God, I know he is worthy of it. I know he takes care of me and watches over me.

Have faith, the right job is coming. Take care.
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good luck on your job. i know there is another out there waiting on you, everything will work out fine. you got what it takes, determination!!!
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OH gosh this is so funny. I was all excited that Bonbon was back... but the date on her post is from 2002.

I guess there are still some glitches in the SR software eh?
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