Help! Has this happened to your AH?

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Unhappy Help! Has this happened to your AH?

Warning, this is a little graphicly discriptive.

Last night after I went to bed, My AH came home from the bar and said that in the way home (he walks) that all of the sudden blood came out of his anus! I asked him how much, and he said a lot. He had taken his underware off outside and hid them. (I found them this morning. ) He also said the had to "clean up" the boys bathroom. You know how AH's will play down the actual truth, so I am afraid that it was worse, but don't know that for sure. He also said that he has been vomiting in the morning, and his poop has changed to a greenish color. Oh, and his back hurts right where his kidneys are. I'm sorry to be so graphic, but I want to know if anyone else has experienced this with their AH's, and what (if anything) you found out. I begged him to go to the ER, but he adametly refused. I know because he was drunk. I work in the ER here sometimes, and I know a problem when I see it. I called the nurse at work, and she said he should come in, and I told her he wouldn't! So have you heard of this or experienced it?
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This could be a serious thing. I am not a doctor, but spontaneous bleeding in a chronic alcoholic is not something to take lightly. Keep an eye on him. If it continues, he needs to go. It may not be serious, but it could be deadly. I'm not trying to scare you. In most alcoholic situations, I am one to back off. But chronic alcoholism can cause hemorraging of major organs in later stages. You may want to talk to him when he is sober and ask again if he will see a doctor.

Take care of yourself, Cup. Sounds like you are in the thick of it right now. Get all the support you can. You have mine. Hugs, Magic
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cup - i haven't encountered that particular thing (at least not that he's told me), but have been in the same boat about refusing to go to dr. or er. hopefully in a sober moment if he's still feeling bad he will agree to a dr. appt. i'm here if you need me!
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Well, I made him go today. The took blood and said it looked fine, but they want to do an endoscopy (sp) To look for pollups, tears, or cancer! so they will do that Wednesday. his tummy is still hurting. I don't know. It sounds bad to ME. But I'm not a doctor.
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glad you were able to get him to go. hope it turns out to be nothing serious! i know how anxious these kinds of things can make us! take care!
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Wow, that had to have been scarey. I hope everything is okay. I'm glad he went to get it checked out.

Sending prayers your way.

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Rectal bleeding and discolored bowel movements is related to alcoholism how?

Wrong forum to post such crap.
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That's uncalled for. Esophageal varices, which are very common in advanced stage alcoholics, can cause rectal bleeding. I am not saying this is the case here, but it does need to be checked out.
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Wrong forum to post such crap.
Presumably you are referring to your own callous and inappropriate response? She clearly connected it to the subject of this forum in that she's concerned (not unreasonably) that it's an effect of her husband's disease. Indeed, since my A brother has experienced similar problems, I find it very relevant and am interested in other people's experiences.
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HOLY MY GOD.... that happens to As

OK... tell me how much would a person have to drink of what and how long for your body to have that kind of effect???

HA learn something new everyday
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I agree with the others. Your comment was uncalled for. Perhaps you might do a little research on the terms "end-stage alcoholism." One of the symptoms of end-stage alcoholism is bleeding-out. I'm sure you've heard the term associated with the Ebola virus. And the end result in the same. System wide bleeding caused by an inability of the blood to coagulate. When this occurs, the bleeding is discharged via all orifices: eyes, mouth, ears, rectum, you get the idea.

Cups' post was indeed related to alcoholism. She didn't deserve such a callous response. To put it in your own words (which you used on me rather than apologizing for a similar callous remark to one of my posts), "perhaps you're having some inner turmoil, dear."
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But I must say that I'm not implying that cup's hubby is going through this, but it IS a very real threat if drinking continues long-term.
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FOB, Alcoholism is not a pretty disease. What happens to alcoholics physically when they are in the depths of this disease is not pretty either. Jon posted this once...
"In as much detail as possible. I want to hear it when you can no longer control your bladder or your sphincter muscles, when your eyes turn gray-yellow, when your skin begins to retain water and actually starts leaking."
While these kinds of statements are not "pretty" they are a harsh reminder of what alcoholism can do to the body if untreated.
Sometimes that is enough to make one person think about getting sober.
Sometimes that is enough to scare another person straight.
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I would hope that none of us will ever have to watch anyone we love (or even KNOW) go thru this:

End-stage alcoholism is a horrible way to die. Alcohol is a cumulative poison that damages the skin, brain, liver, heart, and other parts of the body. As the damage to these organs progresses with continued use, the body systems needed for life begin to fail.

• The heart weakens and becomes enlarged.
• The liver becomes scarred, shrunken, and hardened (cirrhosis). It stops functioning, causing blood dysfunctions and esophageal varices, and hemorrhoids that can rupture suddenly, causing the person to bleed to death.
• The brain's internal spaces are enlarged, and the fissures in the cortex are widened. This general loss of brain tissue is associated with alcoholic dementia (wet brain), a decline in the capacity for thinking or learning. Other symptoms of organic brain disorders are mental confusion, impaired coordination while walking, impaired vision, and memory loss.
• The skin's vascular systems are damaged. The skin's ability to retain heat is compromised. Abnormally enlarged capillary groups, with blue and red spider-like capillaries, appear primarily on the upper body. Unexplained bruising, redness of the skin especially on the face, fluid retention under the eyes, and a "whiskey nose" can develop.
• Direct tissue irritation and/or induction of enzymes that activate other carcinogens can cause cancers of the mouth, tongue, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, stomach, liver, lung, pancreas, colon and rectum.
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Walking, thank you for the wonderful information. I can pick some things out of there that I have seen going on. Especially the part about "redness of the skin especially on the face, fluid retention under the eyes, and a "whiskey nose" can develop."
As far as FOB, I was a bit shocked at the post. It was very in aproriate and heartless. No one with any concern about a loved one should be responded to in that matter. I am not a doctor, and am not knowledgable about the medical porblems that can happen to alcoholics. I chose to ignor the post, and would like to thank all of you who stood up for me, and I thank you for all your prayers.
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well im sure those symptoms can happen to anybody, alcoholic or not. and we all wonder what things are coming from the disease.................but anyway,i am so glad he went to the doctor. it could be something serious, or something minor. my family has a history of hemorrohoids (minor) and colon cancer (serious) so i was relieved to see he is getting it checked out.............take care
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hopefully it is a good sign that they are waiting a week to do more tests.

Take care! Peace to you.
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Regardless of what caused this, your husband is very sick and should have this checked out, which he already did.

Yes, this could indicates the final stages of severe alcoholism. I hope he gets the hint and starts to take care of himself, but if he doesn't you must try to remain strong and detach yourself. I wish you well.
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