omgoodness, I just want some peace.....

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omgoodness, I just want some peace.....

I was just told by my x-"new" friend~ that because I wont be with him anymore, that I am a sorry exscuse for a woman. He just called me at work and wanted to know if we could have dinner, I told him I wasn't interested in that. He said why was I acting like a little bitch??? In the same breath he then said I was a sorry exscuse for a woman, and then told me I was a goodie two shoes or something. I hung up on him before another sentance came out of his mouth.

Boy, I am shaking my head here in disgust, and at the same time A can disguise themselves real well.

Glad I did what I did with him.....and that was run!!!
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Me too, Bonbon!!! Anyone who calls someone else a bitch for not wanting the same things they want doesn't understand respect, whether they are a raging addict or not. To heck with him!

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Hi Bonbon - here's a hug from me (((((Bonbon))))) There is really nothing so gratifying as hanging up on an a**hole. I know, though, that it hurts. Better to know now, I guess. If he can't see how special you are, then I guess he's just a sorry excuse for a man.

Love and hugs.
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WTG....MEN what are they thinking! It makes you wonder about them really! He is a jerk .&^%$$##....................keep up the good common sense. If he call again don't even give him 5 seconds...give him the phone treatment!
Love Kitty
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Good for you. When someone calls me a bitch like that I say "yes I am and don't you forget it."

There are times when being a bitch is a good thing. So if he tries to appologize be a bitch and don't accept it.


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Geee Bonbon

(She says tongue in cheek)..maybe he really didn't mean maybe he was just in a bad mood. Maybe he was just having a bad day. Maybe you drove him to it .

Or....maybe he's just an @$$hole. LOL - Kitty taught me how to do that!! How dare he say such nasty things about our sweet, lovable, adorable Bonbon. Let me at 'im..Let me at 'im.

When you get down on yur knees tonight, don't forget to thank the Man Upstairs for the running shoes.

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Rejection is a mother bear for these
jerks. Glad you didn't get too involved,
and hope he got the MESSAGE.

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His loss...not yours!!! Don't waste your time worrying about it!!

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They are all just weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenies! is a good thing this message board is moderated............... I would LOVE to say a few things about weeeeeeenies.........oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
You have to remmeber they think with that. Sad but true and they also speak with that, another fault........and sad to say there is no word on this planet that we can use that really can get them.....and you all know the word that is used for ERRRRRRRRRRRRRR ....I am in a lioness mood tonight gettting geared up for my first court date in the morning.
LIONESS Kitty ( roar)
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Weeeeeeeeeenies? LOL LOL

Kitty - you have outdone yourself this time!!! You make me laugh so hard.

Well, Bonbon just doesn't have to listen to a weeeeeeenie.

Good luck in court tomorrow Kitty. You go get 'em Tiger!!!!
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Thanks guys for the support~ and get this he had ba**s to call me tonight???? I hung up once I heard his voice. I was engrossed in American Idol...I am sooo glad Kelly won...ok I will feel like an idiot if noone watched that show and has no idea what I am rattling about!

It was a really long day, busy at work, cept for my lovely call this afternoon, but hey like MG said I will thank my HP for giving me the non-rose colored glasses with this one. (and for my running shoes)

Can you all beleive I am doing ok? See my A is not in town and I am doing alot better than knowing he is close by. He told me I would possibly hear from him towards the end of this week. I am not holding my breath though.

You guys are great, its been a long day and checking in on everyone has put a smile on my face. Kitty your a mess~needless to say at work today my nearby coworkers knew something was amiss when I [email protected]#[email protected]#)$(#@$)@#$(@#)%($#^%_%^)(%%%__________%$$$ after I hung up on the @#$)(@#$$$$$$$$$$$#%(#)%(#)(%#)$(#)~~~!!!!

Take care all~ and Many Hugs!
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Bonbon - I didn't watch the show...but I am glad you were so engrossed it did not behoove you (I love that word Behoove LOL)
to speak to him.

Or, as Kitt would say behooooooove. LOL

Glad you are feeling better.
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Isn't that show terrific? My husband and I can't miss it. He called from another state last night to make sure I watched. YEAH KELLY!!!! But weren't the others wonderful too? Well, maybe not all! LOL

Now that I am passed that, let me tell you sweetie! You are such a wonderful person. You must have been very shocked at his behaviour and very scared at the moment it happened. I truly know I would have been. But you know what? It is really amazing how bad he must feel about himself to say something so vile to another human being. Where there is anger like that, there is such sadness. Now of course, we can't fix that anger, but we can pray to our HP that it be repaired. And let go. It's over then. It took 20 years for me to learn that one simple action.

Some people laugh at what I am about to say...but, it truly makes me feel better to offer up a bit of a prayer for the person who hurts me with words or actions. No matter who that person is. Maybe the postman or the telemarketer or my Dad (my A).

Now...I am going to say something that will probably step on toes and for that I apologize. But, I also, do not believe that returning that name-calling is appropriate either. Stands to reason that our anger is justified...but not enough to sink to that persons level by calling "them" names. It is so easy to understand why one would. But wrong nonetheless. And isn't al-alon all about learning not only to deal well with our A, but with changing our ways of responding to them?

Sorry... I'm being the mother today.

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Bonbon, I know this situation didn't feel good but it sure served a good purpose. This should solidify your decision to keep running! You did great! Also thanks for sharing, I can't tell you how much hearing your story helps me.
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you don't mean to tell me that there is something wrong with being a Goody-Two-Shoes do you???? Maybe that's where I have gone wrong all of these years!

Any way, I am tempted to use some of those machine gun/ ozzi graphics, but it should be enough to know that being alone is far better than being in a couple and unhappy.

I am sorry, it could not have been worse timing for you.

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Here is a great thing a friend sent to me:

Control of

so the next time someone calls you a bitch, remember that it can be a very empowering thing! Sounds to me like you are doing all the right things taking care of yourself and setting some good boundaries. YOU GO GIRL !!!

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