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It was my wedding anniversary yesterday...........I received exactly what I expected.........(NOTHING). It is really nice though to get what you expect..........honestly, I didnt set myself up for dissapointment......I wasnt sad........

I wasnt disappointed this year at all, I was in a pleasant mood........throughout the evening he kept saying what can I do.......I just said where's the diamonds........I was perfectly content being left alone......he kept on and kept on about how bad he feels cause he didnt do anything for me.....he said he felt guilty........

he wanted me to make him feel better cause he didnt do anything for me for my anniversary.......I was perfectly happy and content with no special thing going on.........I finally told him after his constant complaining about how he didnt do anything for me........i said, you know what, you had 365 days to figure out what you were going to do..........and you did exactly what you figured out nothing.........but guess what I expected that, and i am fine......I am in a good mood, but I do wish you would stop telling me how bad you feel I told him if he want to feel bad feel bad, but i dont want to here it anymore because it is getting on my nerves. I offered him some crackers too........(he didnt get that) I am glad for that
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re anniversary this year was pretty miserable ( back in October ) - I had left hubby for 3 weeks and we met up on the day and talked. That was it... no cards, no flowers, no nothing. But like you say, I wasn't disappointed. The next day I agreed to move back home - so I guess the anniversary must have worked some a perverse kinda way - lol
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Gracey,after reading some of your posts. I have one question..why do you stay? Are you in love with this bloke? Is he some one you want to wake up to for the next 20 years. Him forgetting your anniversary,year after year! I see the police have been to your house at least once. So your AH can hurt some one and you are afraid of him. He won't go get help on his had to take him to a AA meeting..which he apparently didn't think he needed. Until this bloke decides he needs help and admits he is a are scr????. Sorry but your stituation doesn't sound like you are on the winning end. I have the greatest respect for you. You are a very intelligent lady,who deserves much better. So why do you put yourself through this?
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