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Gee you have a really nosey judgemental element in your 'friends' group. It's quite rude to comment on other people's arrangements unasked or impose your beliefs on others.

You go ahead and do what your best judgement tells you.
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Originally Posted by hopeful4 View Post
Chin up, do what is right for YOU and your own family.

Most of the critics have skeletons in their own closets they should be tending to.

Yep and what bothers me most is that my sister is the biggest offender. She recently said to me, "Cmon on Liz, stop being 'in the world and OF the world', you know better than that" ARGH.....

This, coming from the woman who slept with her bf for 9 months, then suddenly they found God and decided to abstain from sex but had to have him move in with her for financial reasons. They slept in the same bed with pillows between them but the kids (she has 2 and he has 2) saw them sharing a bed. Not sure what the difference is: their kids are all under the age of 10, it's not like they really know what's going on. They just saw the 2 of them sharing a bedroom , which in my eyes, pretty much is the same thing that I'll be doing.....except that I'll be getting it on with my man every so often, as well, LOL! To each their own!
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