Super Bowl Sunday and Related Triggers

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Super Bowl Sunday and Related Triggers

I am two years out from my divorce, and overall I am doing pretty well. I still attend my support regularly and I am starting to put together a lot of pieces in my life which I suspect I needed to and loving a problem drinker allowed me to see all those pieces.

I have really struggled this weekend though and though I am feeling it, I am putting it out there to get support.

My loved one that got me here is a huge football fan. The Superbowl for many years had been a trigger (fights about driving, fights about not driving together, fights about my level of interest in the game etc). The second to last Superbowl we were together I worked that day (in healthcare, at a hospital), and there was a huge car accident with many hurt coming in at the same time. I did not make the game "party" as a result.

I called after I was done with work to see if he needed a ride. He told me he was fine (and he sounded it). That night i heard him pull up but not come in. He was inches from running into our house, and passed out at the wheel. It was when I realized that this did not just impact him, and by extension me, but our community as a whole.

I think I am also struggling a bit as I live in the west in a rural area. When he and I met he lived in the big city three hours away. I got to know this city well as I traveled there to see him. I went again for a work related trip this week for the first time. It brought back the good memories of the time where alcohol did not play a role for me in our relationship (or i was unaware of it).

The day especially made me realize that it is probably a trigger for more than me so this is sending out energy to the universe that all will be well (and safe) this evening.
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I will be at my home group tonight during kickoff, and I expect we will have a light turnout.

I know what you mean--my last partner (who wasn't an alcoholic) was a RABID football fan, and the aversion I now have to the game (which I never liked to begin with, though I tried to learn to like it and failed) is enormous. I literally can't stand to watch it, and listening to people talk teams and players and stuff makes me want to get up and leave (which I sometimes do, if I can do it without being obnoxious about it).

I'm sure it will be a rough night for a lot of people in alcoholic relationships. Joining you in positive energy.
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I completely understand all the comments on this thread!!! I feel the same way about all the insanity that accompanies these games.

I know of so many people who can't comprehend there can be fun or recreation without alcohol.

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