All about me Day!

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All about me Day!

It has been a long time since we have done this. It was a regular tradition not too long ago.

How are you and what is new?? What are you doing that is fun?? What is your favorite color or decorating style? Is there something you collect or a hobby you adore??

My name is JT and I am a closet interior decorator. My favorite color is red and I have a bit in every room. I love baths. I have a big tub that I have decorated with shells and beach pictures I have gotten on different vacations.

I am a dog cats in MY house.

Oh and my Christmas trees...yes plural...are still up!

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Oh, fun!!!

I am Ann, JT's twin, separated at birth LOL. I have many favourite colours, depending on whether I am wearing it or decorating with it, but overall I guess they would be sky blue and/or soft yellow, and I love them together.

I am a wanna-be photographer, hope to get myself a decent camera and take wonderful pictures of all the natural beauty where I live. I live on beautiful Lake Huron and love walking the beach, even in the winter.

I'm a cat lover from way back, and plan to take my adorable Toby to visit JT one day .

Oh, and I collect angels!!! I wear a gold "angel" charm bracelet and believe that the angels watch over me and all of you every day!!

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....or at least hoping I am.
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Thanks JT, I need this today...

My names is LivingWithHope and I am a homeschool mom with a beautiful 10 yo dd. My two favorite colors are pink and red (not together I love to read and work with kids (oh, and play nintendo w/ my dd b/c she makes me). We have one little schnauzer named Angel who is a big baby and one little beta fish named Ruby but dd would love to have a kitty also.

At the moment, I am reassessing my life, my passions and what I want to be when i grow up :p (if I ever do grow up)!

Last night, we (dd & I) actually spent the evening w/ my friend and her dd at Barnes & Noble and TGIF. It was a wonderful guilt-free time!!
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Dancing To My Own Beat
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My turn! Yay! I'm Magic. My favorite color is yellow. My favorite decortating style is 1920's and 30's art deco. My A and I are redecorating the master bathroom. We just put down marble tile. It is fabulous. I love that we are doing almost all the work ourselves. We have been in our house for two years, and we have landscaped the front yard, and redone two bathrooms. We bargain shop for furniture. I love thrift shops!
My little doggy is named Riley. He's a toy Manchester terrier. He looks like a 10 lb doberman. He is my only child.
I love riding around on the back of our motorcycle. It is exciting and I love to travel.
Thanks for starting this JT. Thinking happy thoughts makes me look at things with a better attitude.

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Great idea!

I am Natasha. My favorite colors are the pastels especially blue, yellow and violet. I have been living alone in my apartment for the past half a year but have no money to redecorate. Once I get the money I would love to have different color themes for different rooms. Like my bathroom in blues and my living room in violets and my kitchen in yellows.

I adore the sea and the beaches and my burning desire is to go to the Maldives and soak up the sun and the water and the palm trees. Become one with nature.

I have two cats and they are really cute, one is grey and one is black.

I love taking baths despite having a rather small bathtub. You gave me some great ideas JT with the seashells and the pics. how do you make sure they dont go all wet and stuff?

At the moment I am at a crossroads in my life. I am growing up, becoming independent, had a painful breakup some three months ago, started living on my own half a year back, live without any alcoholics for the first time in my life, have a new job, spent christmas in hospital. I have all these emotions and can hardly keep up with sorting them out, grieving and rejoicing all at the same time.

Deep stuff

edited to say - My christmas tree is still up as well!!:shades:
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I used to work here ;)
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Okay, my name is Debbie and I collect barbies. I have many least 500 barbies. My favorite color is purple and I also have a lot of barbies that are dressed in

I think I am a wannabe singer. I love to do karaoke and once I get my nerve up to go up to the mike, I don't want to give it up.

I am a dog person and I have two.....a lab and a poodle. How is that for different

I plan on taking a vacation this year.....not sure when but I am making myself go away for at least a week, even if its alone!

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Hi my name is Gabe

and I'm a wordaholic.
(Hi Gabe!)
I read a lot, write a lot and like to do crossword puzzles.
As far as colors go, I like earth tones and shy away from pastels. If I could afford to decorate the way I would like to, I would have a lot of antiques. My current decorating style is "Early American Hand-Me-Down."
I'm a wannabe writer. I'm also heavily into music and was involved in theatre in high school and college. I've also been hanging around musicians since I dated a drummer in tenth grade, so I know more about rock music than any one person needs to.
I love to cook and I'm as fascinated with cooking shows as fisherman are with "The Trout Fishing Hour".
I would love to be an avid gardener, but I currently don't have the space for it.
I love the beach, but haven't been in a long time. Therefore, I am currently going through "beach withdrawal".
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Closet interior designer? Thats me to a T! I used to say I was a Martha Stewart wanna-be, but now a days that could be taken many different ways.

Current fav color: Pink
Current Home Decor project: Paint bedroom dresser, style: cottage, bright, fun, whimiscal colors. Very cheap but very snazzy.

I love to paint and glue gun, decopage,,if it aint nailed down, Im gonna decorate it.
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Hi, I'm Missy. I'm a not-in-the-closet decorator. One of those people who truly believe a house is NEVER done. I'm an avid antique collector (psst Gabe, don't tell a soul but the ultimate bargain hunting is auctions) and except for clothes and appliances, absolutley nothing in my house is not formerly loved.

I'm not a disciplined collector either. I collect anything I fall in love with and I fall in love frequently and with a passion. My next home project is to have book shelves built floor to ceiling on three walls of our den. REAL bookshelves with crown moldings and a sliding library ladder. Don't need to buy books though---they are filling boxes in my attic to overflowing. I can't wait for the day when a decision to read something in particular will not mean cobwebs in my hair. I HATE cobwebs in my hair.
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I cant decorate my closets cause theyre stuffed but I been workin on the rest of my house for years and its still not done. Old houses are like that.

Ive collected antiques for years. I prefer primitives and high country. Victorians too fussy for me. I like to use architectural stuff inside and out. I dont really collect any one thing. I am partial to old paintings of animals and fruit, Bakelite, Bennington and yellow ware, adverizing, old books, vintage crochet and craft books, vintage textiles, vintage any holiday. The only thing new in my house is the tv and the appliances.

Im not into anything fussy. No pastels for me. I love all shades of GREEN. And all the deep earth tones like brown and burnt orange.

I read a lot and do crosswords. I do crafts and faux painting and work on rehab projects inside and out. In the summer I garden and work on my hardscape. Ive never been into music. Im not even sure if the car radio works. I cook when Im in the mood. Desserts are my specialty.

I have one Rottenweiler child and
a herd of snitty kitties. Some are insiders and some woodpile cats. The dog has her own cats too.

Sorry Deb but Ive never liked dolls. I used to take their clothes off to dress the cats. LOL.

No pastels for me
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Hi, is it my turn now??

I'm Tangotoo, after my horse who is big and red (chestnut in English, Sorrel in the States.)

We are currently building our own house (life-long dream) in Southern Spain. Waiting for the ground to dry up enough to get the bricks delivered!!

We are an animal household. Have two dogs, a rubbish bin baby who was dumped at 2 weeks and has been hand-reared (he's called Bob Sausage) and a 11 month old abandoned PitBull the kids brought home (he's called Taz) then we have two or sometimes three cats, Leroy, Campbell and Hitler.

Favourite colour Green but want to do the house in earth colours, I have become hooked on home improvement magazines - they are so full of great ideas!!

Love reading, riding, walking, growing things and being with my boys. Also love this website, check in here every day for my daily dose of support and common sense - thanks you guys!! x xx x x
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My bathtub is separate from the shower and I hang the pictures on the wall. My husband even bought me a huge one of a couple of aderondak chairs on the beach...I love it!

Like many of you most of my belongings have a story...the price, where I discovered it and how I changed it. Once I was looking for a for a cookie jar like my gramma used to have. (It was broken) I was driving through Kentucky with a friend who loves to shop like me and I found it in a small shop in some small town that I forget the name of. I had looked for a couple of years and there it was!! That was one of the most fun memories I have.

The thrill of the hunt and all that!!
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Hi all, I'm Journey and I'm still discovering my passions.

I love music and I've been taking dance classes since September. My inner child recently said she likes to draw, so I'm going to look into taking art classes, as well as cooking classes. I'm an avid reader and a not so closet nerd. I also love interior decorating - contemporary stuff. My favorite colors are light blue and pink (not for decorating!)

I LOVE the water. My sign is Pisces and I try to spend as much time in and around the water as possible. I'm addicted to forensics and cold case files TV shows and I love reading crime mysteries.

I have two dogs - a Rottie/Doberman and a Pug. Cecilia, I LOVE your avatar - such a cutie!!!!
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Oh JT! I love things with stories! That's what makes things mean something. The memories that come with them. A chair is nothing special, but if you found it on a trip with a loved one, for example,it's priceless. I bet your Adirondak chairs are priceless to you.
We haven't gotten to the pictures in the bathroom. We have floor, lights, paint and a cabinet. My tub and shower are seperate too. We still have the toilet, sink, mirrors, and closet shelves and hangers to go. I am definitely a project person these days. I used to not have the patience for it, but now I am settled inside, and I love working on our house.
I love the beach, but I live in the woods with the deer and rabbits and birds. We have a back porch that the deer walk right up to.
These posts are the funnest!!! Thanks JT!
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Oh what fun!.....

Hi I am Daffoldil (or Aunt Daffy complaiments of Dinator....)

I love gardening ,sewing, and am a wildlife rehaber of birds and small animals...also am a wife,mother, and fulltime grandmother...

I love my English bull dog....she is the joy in my life on a daily basis...She is only 1 year old and won my heart the first time I saw her.

Favorite color is blue, then red....I don't do pink or most shades of yellow....

I have been a bookworm for nearly all my life...I love music, mostly country but will do anything but rock or rap.... late basement and early attic with some lovely family treasures thrown in for a lovely comfortable look and hopefully a homey feeling to those who come here...Must be working cause the house can turn into Grand Central in a heart beat...I think they like it 'cause Martha doesn't live here.

I do have a favorite cookie jar called Puss-n-boots that was my g.mothers that sits with love on my kitchen counter just like it did hers...My g. parents got it for their 25th wedding presents yrs and yrs ago...That is the only cat I have...cats and wildbirds don't really go together well.

I have 7 head of deer that come daily for their free hand out, 10 racoons for the same thing, and about 8 squirrels that live in the woods behind our house...Most of the time they all live in peace with each other...I think they are afaird the handouts will cease.

JG, I am also a pisces. I love the water as well. I have one fish pond, a four foot water fall, and a old satoilite(?) dish with a huge rock in it that the water bubbles out of....

I'll save the rest for later I gotta go pick up kids from school...Oh did I mention kids....I am "emergancy Mom" for 11 kids....
Love Aunt Daffy
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No More Mrs. Nice Guy
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Hi I am Barb (sometimes Barbie) and I LOVE purple. BarbieDeb, we may have to talk

I love to read mysteries, love dogs and cats though I currently only have cats. I used to have a pair of big dogs - Akitas- but am now looking for something big and sweet and docile, perhaps a Marmaduke style dog.

I love the mountains and the ocean, and I relish the peace and quiet and serenity that I have in my life now.

I have started collections of Teddy Bears and Angels, and of course all things purple.

Thanks for the thread JT. LOVE YOU!

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{tap}{tap}...Is this thing on?
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Now me...

Hola folks, I am Dawn. Some friends call me db. I'm a repressed decorator with a desire to make my townhouse of 5 years into a home. Presently the decor is "early apartment dwelling" with beige walls and little decoration. But I am working on that!

I am presently in innovation vs. rennovation mode at my house. I'm buying new curtains, paint, blinds, flooring and carpeting to make this place really mine. Colors are earthy browns, green, khaki, wheat, cherry wood, burnt orange.

I aupport many a magazine subscription department and love to lie in bed at night and flip through Vanity Fair looking for high brow gossip and naughty tell-all articles.

I'm learning to be me and it is going great so far. I love a man who is learning to, and trying to, love himself more everyday and I am better for it. I can honestly say that I have never been more excited about life than I am today.

Whose next?
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