this sucks

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I guess i would try to spare the children somehow, perhaps meeting with some of their friends at a park, for playing. shopping, going to some neat kid places, like childrens museums. is there any mom that you can talk heart to heart with, a friend who has young children?
i cant blame the parents for not wanting their child to be where this crazy man might show up and make trouble. i would imagine that most people know that he is behind this stuff.
i am sorry, I know how it hurts when your children hurt. just keep them busy, and have some wonderful memorable times with them.

hoping that things get better soon,
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(((wtbh))) - back when I was young (a gazillion years ago), there was no internet, sleep-overs were a huge deal. My mom recognized when I was hurt over missing something I wanted to do, but she also spent extra time with me, we did "girl things". She died when she was 50 (my age now) but I have the most awesome memories of our "girl times". Maybe I didn't realize it at the time, but those are some of my most precious memories.

You didn't do anything wrong, the law system where you life is totally dysfunctional. It doesn't mean that you can't have "girl time" with your daughters. Trust me, whether they realize it now, they WILL realize that you are the rock in their foundation.

Hugs and prayers,

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Like Amy says above - I have the same memories of my Mom and our time together. Antiquing was our thing. That and walking through open houses and dreaming of what life would be like if we lived there.

I did road trips with my kids, even when I couldn't afford it. And we would stay at the flea bag motels and eat at Denny's, but those are their "mom" memories and they loved it! We called it the "(our last name here) girls having an adventure" and even made up a little song for it.

Just talking the other day about our next adventure...unfortunately as they grow, their taste also grows and the flea bag motels no longer hold any mystery. I have one vote for Costa Rica and one for Hawaii. *SIGH* that'll take a home equity loan!
; )
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