HI! I am new

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HI! I am new

I guess I should tell you a bit about my self. I have been married to my husband for 12 years now, we have an 8 year old daughter. He has always been a heavy drinker, over the last 5 years it has become more and now daily. He has had 5 orthopedic surgerys in the last 5 years also. So on top of the liquor he has been taking vicodan and xanax. The last year has been a living hell, he comes home and passes out then wants to know why I won't talk to him or am mad at him. I have been planning on leaving him just saving $ so I could.
On Wednesday afternoon I was in a meeting and received a call from his coworker saying that he was so drunk they took his keys and asked me to pick him up. I have never seen him so bad at first i was infuriated by having to go pick him up. but then my heart broke when I saw him he had fallen several times and was bleeding and had some lumps. He was crying that he was checking into rehab and appologizing. It has been a very tough few days he is going 9am monday morning to check into a long term facility voluntarily. I am sure that I will be on this site frequently.
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Many hugs to you Skigurl.
SR is great for support and understanding. I would also highly recommend Alanon if you've not tried it already. The people at our group here are very welcoming and loving and it is so nice to be in a group of people who have all been through what you have been through.

I hope your husband's recovery is successful, I often hoped my AH would be caught so he could hit bottom before he loses everything.
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Thanks Chelle3, I do appreciate the good wishes so very much! Yes I am going to look into AlAnon. Again Thank you!
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Welcome!! You have come to the right place. Everyone on this site is so helpful and the advise is great. I started by reading the stickies at that top and posting in here. It really helps because many have gone before us. I too, am in the process of trying to leave. Hugs to you!
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Hi SkiGurl. to SR!
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Welcome, and good luck. you both have a rough road ahead. And I hope it has a happy ending for you.

Be aware, he may change his mind Monday and decide not to go. Or go for a day or so and check himself out. Think about what you will do if this happens.

remember what you've read here. The alcoholic says and does anything to get his way.
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I hope this is the bottom for your husband. It very well may be. People DO recover. Sometimes it takes awhile, and sometimes it doesn't "take" at all, but either way, you are in a good place here with us.
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Hi SkiGurl!
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Welcome to SR, skigurl! Glad that you found us. I hope you'll keep posting and reading.

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Hello and welcome to SR

When I first got here i read all the stickies up the top, then read some of the books recommended.

I hope you get as much support here as I have and make sure you take care of YOUR needs.
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