Here for hope

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Here for hope

Hello all,
I've been lurking for a few days, desperate to get out of my self-imposed prison. Being the adult child of an alcoholic and dysfunctional family life, I married a drug addict/alcoholic and my adult children are now products of their environment they lived in. My life is so unmanageable and I am hoping to find my way here. I am very impressed with the contents of this site. Also, because I live in a rural area, meetings are hard to attend.
I began reading (for the 2nd time) Codependent No More and it is still an eye opener. The holidays are especially hard because "all the players" are in action. I am looking forward to getting healthier with all of you.
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Welcome to the family!

We are glad you are here. Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself.

Please make yourself at home by reading and posting as much as needed.

I enjoy reading in the permanent (sticky) posts at the top of the forum. I always find wisdom in those posts and lots of inspiration.
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I think you took the hardest step: you recognized you have a problem and are asking for help. I hope love and light spill into your life and you realize you're not alone, ever.
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Welcome, hope2be! Thank you for sharing! This is a great place! So glad you are here!
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Welcome to SR!!!

When I first got here, I read and read through a lot of posts. Just realizing that I wasn't the only one in the world with my dysfunctional relationships (and my own recovery from both the codependency and addiction) was a huge relief.

This IS a hard time of year, for a lot of us, but SR has gotten me through every tough time in my life.

Hugs and prayers,

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Thanks for the support. Last night was a typical dysfunctional family night. I can't remember where I read it...but we were all like spinning tops bumping against each other, spinning out of control. My Christmas present to myself iwill be concentrating on Step 1, for my life is spinning out of control. I am sick and tired of having holidays like this. I think my prayers are finally answered as I was led to this website. All of the postings are so insightful...a lot to chew on! Thanks
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welcome, hope, and it sounds like a really good step to be taking. we can only do so much at a time, and you are focusing on what you need to.

please feel free to post here whenever you need to - for me, often just the typing the words makes a big difference.

also, for me, that first step has been my sticking point. our minds are crafty, and we can be deceived just like the addict, into thinking things are a certain way when they are not.
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