I just got a dozen roses from my EXABF

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I have filters on my email where I can re-route anyone I so desire straight to trash.
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Golden Girl...don't listen to anything he says. Stay strong. Sometimes, when things like this happen to me, I tell myself it is a test from my Higher Power, and being the goody two-shoes, high achieving girl I have always been...sets me straight every time. Well, almost every time

And John, you are so right, the very best gift you can give your wife, your children and yourself is complete committment to recovery and long term sobriety. My ex abf was sending me flowers, and presents, and books, you name it, it all felt manipulative to me because he was doing it just to get me back. I felt that his focus should be on himself at this time, and not on our relationship. I am also recovering, and need no distractions from it at the moment. Good for you for getting healthy.
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Sounds like someone is trying to play the old alcoholic con game again.
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Alcoholic con game? Care to share?

The drama is over thank goodness. I reblocked his emails.

On bright side, I called the flowershop and the sender gave directions to not give out the name. It could be anyone for all I know.

Whatever the case - the flowers are pretty! Me and my cats will enjoy them.
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Originally Posted by goldengirl3 View Post
The card said, "You deserve everything in life."
This reminds me of a little notebook I found. The cover has a drawing of a town and a caption that reads "He offered her the world. She said she had her own." The notebook is now my Gratitude List.

Hang in there, Goldengirl.
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