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omg the last fight we had just before he cheated i accused him of gaslighting me and he went nuts never seen nothing like it picked up the phone and said he was gonna get the police to come and take me away if i said it once more and i kept on pushing it but he didnt in the end cos the look of fury on his face made me stop but still have no idea why he reacted like that and i only mentioned it cos i was annoyed as he had been trying to pick a fight all day it was fight sunday that always followed drunken saturday only noticed that connection recently.

I prob only brought it up with him cos had just been reading about that that morning and it stuck a nerve with me cos i think he did gas light me, seemingly his mum did the same with him maybe that was why the reaction cos they say these things can be passed down and he had grown up thinking this was normal behaviour xx
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Yes kia, maybe deep down it resonated as true and it made angry for him to be caught. In any case I don't like the guy you describe at all, I hope you leave him to the girl he cheated you with, so he can get angry at someone else, cheat ON HER, keep drinking, etc etc, do all the stuff he does just AWAY from you..
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i dont really get why i like him to be honest cos i even in my head did a pros and cons list the other day and the cons side was very long and for the life of me could only think of a few pros one been hes quite good looking and hes quite good in bed but hes also on the cons list for falling asleep mid way threw quite a few times and booze breath ewwwww gross and sharing a liking of dvds but again its on the cons list too as he always has to control what we watch and talks all the way threw it as hes already seen them all before and gives away the plot on most of the ones we watch.Even the other day was watching leaving las vegas cos someone on here recommended it and got to the last 10 mins without him trying to chat to me and then he say oh he dies btw grrrrrrrr i said thanks for that now i dont need to know the ending he said well that doesnt give it away ermmmmm go figger that eh the mind of a drinker.

And he cook all my food while i was there which was ok but again its a control thing cos he always decieded when we ate and what we ate i never had the choice and on rare occasion i took control he wouldnt eat it cos he had had no say in what it was so didnt like it so again a pro and a con. And i think thats it really and a list as long as your arm on the cons list so what is it attracts me back to him then xx
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