Baby due 7/29/10

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Baby due 7/29/10

This is meant to be a positive post. My best advice to friends and family of an alcoholic is that your dreams are important.

I fell in love with a guy who loved me for who I was. And I loved his family. My dream was to be married and to have children. The truth was that he struggled with alcoholism--and there I was married to an alcoholic. It really blanked because I felt like I was revolving around him and no one really cared about my dreams. And I was trying to figure out how to help him.

With a lot of prayer and help from his family, my husband is sober now. It was not overnight. We were separated and almost got divorced. Sometimes I really wondered if God was really listening to my prayers. In the end, my husband had to make the right choices for himself. We have been living together now since May.

It is really wonderful to see him for who he is without the alcohol. It is wonderful to have a husband who is employed and responsible now. I even started taking free cooking classes at Williams Sonoma, and I cooked Pumpkin Cheesecake for Thanksgiving (my MIL loved this).

And God recently answered another prayer for me. After 2 miscarriages that were very painful, I found out I was pregnant again in November. My obgyn had me take baby aspirin (due to results from a Recurrent Pregnancy Loss test), and I also took progesterone as well just in case. I just went to my first appointment today, and there was a heartbeat. That beautiful heartbeat. A blessing from God.
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What a wonderful and uplifting post! Congratulations on the baby and have a fab Xmas. xxx
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This is meant to be a positive post.

And it is!!!

Glad to hear things are going well for you! And super congrats on the pregnancy! Take good care of yourself - glad to see you back here!

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Congratulations on the good news! I hope all goes well for you. And your post is uplifting. It gives me hope for my XAH that he kind find recovery and himself in the process.
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I wish you a happy and safe pregnancy and birth. For you as a couple I wish you a totally new and wonderful life together, and that recovery will continue in his life.

God bless
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