listening to him breathing.....passed out asleep at 8:41

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listening to him breathing.....passed out asleep at 8:41

Haven't been here in a while......and things seemed to be improving, but I think we are headed down a path I don't want to go again. Got the normal text while I was at work after he's been I ignoring him, then the phone call with all kinds of cussing and not remembering what I told him about what I was doing, then got home and he is agitated and angry - now layed down, and I can hear that all to familiar heavy sleepig breathing from the living room. I don't want to go down this road again and this is now 3 days in a row. Still no alcohol in the house, but I'm started to get scared, and know that if we head down this road again, that I am going to be faced with some very hard, but necessary changes in my life.....but at least this time, I know what I will have to do! Just feeling sad that......sometimes nothing really changes!!
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I think we all have to learn this the hard way .... that people basically don't change. Some do, but not nearly as many as we like to think.

I'm sorry you're having a bad week

So what's your plan?
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Hi Mentallyexh,

I do remember you from other posts in the past.

Where will you go from here?
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I'm sorry it isn't working out for you. At least you now know what's happening and what your options are.

Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes!
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