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Please Help...

Hello...I have never posted in a forum before, but I am feeling that I must ask questions that I have in my mind in hopes someone can offer feedback. I'm nearly in tears so here goes.

I have been on and off with Benzos, Xanax, Valium, and Klonopin. I have always been so nervous that I would take them nearly every day, sometimes more than I'm suppose to and would often gain a tolerance. Recently, I was placed back on Klonopin after discussing with my doctor my feelings about my Xanax no longer working... I felt as though after an hour passed by I would start feeling sick and anxious. I thought maybe I had developed a high tolerance and was going through withdrawal... So I was back on Klonopin. I haven't been taking it for about a week, and started up again 3 days ago. I know that Klonopin is longer lasting, so withdrawals wouldn't begin right away, however, after about an hour I would feel anxious and break out into a sweat. I started to increase the dose until I was calm, and still an hour later I would feel those horrible feelings... Is it possible that I am feeling klonopin withdrawal so soon? I have never went any higher than what I was taking... I really don't know what's going on with me and I'm so miserable. Maybe its something else? Please, if anyone has any advice I'm all ears...

Also, I was wondering, I'm prescribed Seroquel. I have been off it for a few days (it makes me hungry) could that be causing these sick feelings? If I start taking it again would they subside and would I be able to take Seroquel and not rely so much on the Klonopin?

Iím also prescribed Adderall, a very low dose. 10mg but I break it in half for 5mg. I noticed when it wears off I donít feel well and when I take the klonopin it doesnít help. When I use to take Xanax it would relax me more. Would my doctor put me back on Xanax if I asked him before if I could go on Klonopin, because the Xanax tolerance went up? Maybe it went down? I donít know how it works

Thank you so much for allowing me to share my feelings and ask my questions. I would appreciate any feedback.
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HI Garland and welcome.

I was a daily user of xanax for 5 or more years that found with the Keto diet my life long anxiety and agorophobia has all but disappeared.

Maybe you could talk to your doctor about the neurological benefits of keto and fasting ?

Glad to have you here.
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Ask your prescribing physician.
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Hi and welcome Garland
I'm afraid, while we can share our experience, we can't give medical advice by our rules.

Regardless of the experience shares you get here think you really need to ask your Dr these questions as well?

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In the same place
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By all means, get the answers from a psychiatrist or your prescriber. I was on Xanax for at least 5 years. I was prescribed 2mg per day plus 1mg extended release at night. I would often take more than indicated to combat the rebound anxiety I'd have with the short acting nature of Xanax. I started drinking to deal with the anxiety and you know how that goes!

I ended up going to an outpatient rehab (IOP) and they wanted me off benzos asap. They put me on gabapentin for a short while and also gave me trazadone for sleep. They switched me over to valium and tapered me over the course of 2 weeks...which is a short time after 5 plus years. I just felt like I had the flu and was detached from reality for a while. I drank a lot of water, took Tylenol for the pains, took a lot of showers and over the course of 30 days or so started to feel better physically.

Disclaimer...NOT a doctor, but I'd think the adderal would increase your anxiety given that it is a stimulant. Could be counterproductive during your wean? Maybe ask about drugs like Stratera which are non-stimulant adhd meds.

I hope it goes well and I hope you are feeling better soon.
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adderall , benzos , clonazapam , seroquel

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