Today's Anxiety

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Today's Anxiety

I'm reading, hoping to find something new, a way someone else manages anxiety and panic, that I might try. My heart is pounding today, I'm breathing shallow, stomach in a knot.

I'm taking a homeopathic anti-anxiety remedy, trying deep breathing. Sometimes I'll run up and down the stairs a few times to use up the adrenalin (or whatever it is) that's raging through my body. Or I'll talk to myself out loud to bring myself into the present. People who don't suffer from this just don't understand.

Sometimes I can cry, and then I exhaust myself and end up feeling better.

So tired of this.

It's crazy how things other people don't even notice trigger this in me.
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Hello Jenna

Crying is ok and a healthy release
Try a "Act of random kindness " to a stranger.
When you help someone else you will understand how valuable you are and it makes you feel great.

Take care.
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Have you spoke to a Dr x
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I get bad anxiety sometimes too,I've noticed that taking a magnesium glycinate with a cup of hot chocolate and walking around the house works really well I wouldn't wish anxiety on my worst enemy(well maybe my worst) I hope you feel better soon
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