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So I just recently lost my job due to my disease

This is sort of embarrassing to say, but I want to talk about it.

I worked on an assembly line for a car manufactory and made a very good wage. One day, showing up to work drunk like I usually did, I heard a song on the radio called "Once piece at a time" by Johnny Cash where a man sneaks out pieces of a car then assembles them. Not really thinking straight, this song inspired me to try and do the same. I was caught almost instantly and fired on the spot, and since then my drinking has gotten worst.

The worst part about it though is I lie and tell my wife I was laid off, so I don't have to tell her the truth
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I think we all did things that were wrong
when drunk.

The point is to move forward and to live in a better
sober way.

What are you planning to do about your drinking?
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Joy In AA Recovery!

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Hello to you and welcome to the forums, you're found a great place to start looking into what it is that will help you on your journey.

Maybe in time, when you're making steps to recovery and if you want to you'll be able to tell your wife what happened and she won't take it so hard because you're gaining her trust that you are seeking recovery.

Don't worry - there's always a way forward to healing, both yourself and your relationships. Well that's been my experience anyway. :-)
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Wow, great courage to share that here, well done. So the drinking is becoming a major problem for you ... ?? I found that until I changed what I put into my body - took out the alcohol - things just kept getting worse. I am a good person sober and the only thing with me is that I can not drink alcohol, it is my challenge in life to realise that and do something about it. There is plenty of help around, I hope you stick around and post whenever you need to!!

Love is ....
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So, what are you going to do about it now? Drinking just cost you your job. Lying about it may cost your marraige. The tangled web of drinking gets worse and worse.
How can we help?
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Welcome to SR!!
Im sorry you lost your job, and yeah it was a stupid thing to think you could actually make it out of there with car parts..........BUT you were impaired by your disease.............does this excuse your actions? Nope! But it has made you realize what is going on and now you just need to figure out what to do about it! WTG, it takes a ton of courage to admit something like that and it also shows that you are being HONEST with not only us, but yourself and that is VERY important and a huge step in the right direction!!!! Stay strong, One Day At A Time, every day is new. Let us know how things are going.
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There's no way you can contact your old supervisor by phone, email, written letter, etc... and explain that you have a problem but are willing to do what's necessary?
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I agree with Gary, sometimes jobs have plans implemented for Alcoholics and drug addicts where they will pay for rehab or treatment. I would contact your supe and be completely honest with him/her. Welcome to SR :-)
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Hi Michael, Just want you to know that I can identify with you. the only difference that I wasn't caught. It was difficult but, very brave to admit it. I'm sure you'll hear from others. I never got caught drunk driving, although I did it for years. I would only suggest that telling your wife the truth will remove another weight from your shoulders. I understand how difficult. One time when I was getting sober I had to admit to my wife that we were behind in bills and I spent savings. She was angry and called me every name in the book, and made up some new ones. I found it very difficult to remain sober with that over my head. The truth is, and I'm sure you know, that there will be a point that she'll be looking for unemployment checks. Then you'll have to lie again, and on and on. The only other thing I can suggest is to get some help with your drinking. You didn't mention it but, sometimes when we are sober, we were good workers. Anyway, take some time to write a lettewr and be honest about your problem. Ask them to give you another chance. Most companies also have an, Employee Assistance Program, you might be able to negotiate through them. Hey, the worst they can say is no. Many companies will work with you, depending how far you're willing to go. I agreed to be tested and it saved my present job. Many companies have found their best worker, best manager, best salesman etc are the ones with problems and are willing to bend. I don't want to give you false hope but, if you really want to get help and better, you need to take charge. We must clean up our own mess. I can't stress enough to be up front and honest. Even if you don't get this job, your going to need to offset a bad recomendation with a new employer. I just have this feeling that this might work for you. Don W
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Originally Posted by mygirls_mylife
I agree with Gary, sometimes jobs have plans implemented for Alcoholics and drug addicts where they will pay for rehab or treatment. I would contact your supe and be completely honest with him/her. Welcome to SR :-)

Thats only if you come to them BEFORE you do anything like stealing or showing up drunk. You cant show up drunk,...get caught,....then say "Oh!....but I have a problem" They will just assume that had you not gotten caught, would miraculously not have a problem. Thats what happened to me. I showed up loaded. Went to the bar for lunch. Someone saw me nodding off in my cubicle. They went and told the GM. The GM called me into the office and sent me for an alcohol screening. Obviously I failed miserably. He took the weekend to get the results back,...then called me that following Monday and fired me. I told him I had a problem and asked if it would make a difference if I asked the company for help. He told me that, that kind of help is reserved for people who come to them looking for help,...not looking to salvage their job. He also told me its the law. Companies do not have to keep an employees job unless they come to them before an incident takes place. I asked an attorney. He agreed.
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Your immediate concern is to do something about your drinking.

Your willingness to talk about it can help you to overcome it.

I did some pretty dumb things while loaded too and I had been given an ultimatum by my family and business partners to do something about my drinking.I found help in AA.Perhaps you could give them a try.

Best of luck to you.
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I got fired from three jobs due to drinking. The good news is I finally quit drinking and got a better job. The lesson made me appreciate what I have and how easily I could lose everything. Those horrible, embarrassing experiences help keep me sober today. I know one drink, and it will be the beginning of the decline all over again. How quickly things can change, for the better, or for the worse.
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Working Towards it...

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I wish you the best in confronting this problem. While I'm new here and still trying to figure it all out, I can tell you that the folks here provide fantastic support.
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