Could I be depressed

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Could I be depressed

I have no energy and motivation. I still go to aa and work. I do some things for fun. I don't feel sad but not a whole lot sounds fun and i Start doing things but stop because I don't get any reward for doing it. I've been eating junk because want to feel something, anything and I have no desire to cook. I
furthermore I'm sleeping 12 plus hours when I don't have to work. I do have sleep apena and j don't use my cpac for a long as I need to. I still have hope just no energy and don't feel joy much at all. I don't want to take more meds in fact I want to get off the ones I'm on. So im reluctant to tell my physicist I believe those meds are pure posin. David

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You could be depressed, but you need to see a Dr to really know one way or the other…and, no one can make you take meds if you don’t want to - but I know a lot of us do take meds here.

Meds have helped me live my best life, and they have nothing in common with the drugs I used to take.

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Could be Anhedonia…A condition of recovery where our dopamine and pleasure centers in the brain haven’t quite gotten back to balance ☹️

I think…
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Its long way until summer.

Maybe you could set a goal of getting in shape for next summer. We only get so many summers so let's make the best of it. Look your best, feel your best.

I think diet and exercise can play a huge role in keeping off depression. We have evolved with a brain that is built for physical stress. If we don't feed the brain this physical stress it starts to create its own.

Junk food, especially stuff filled with sugars i think throws the brain for a loop. Messing with our insulin and digestive system, I think the body physically and mentally rebels. Its like hey, im not meant to digest this garbage.

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I've become a galloping sugar fend it's bad I mean totally out of control. It's eating gum worms with Dr pepper, then chase that with some chocolate bad. Then I'll chase that with McDonald's. I can't control anything if it feels good i will abuse it. I keep trying to stop but can't which feels very familiar.

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The sugar will really do a number on you, as I well know. Causes serotonin release. I totally get the cravings for crap food because it's a quick fix, and satisfying. But you can slowly add healthy raw fruits and veggies back into your diet even if only a couple times a day. Or something like veggie soups.

The other thing is exercise. If I don't get my hard aerobic workout 3 times a week at least, my mood gets bad. I like what introvertd said about anhedonia too. It definitely is a thing.
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I had that feeling of blahhhh for awhile. It does go away... I feel way better than when drinking, so thats a plus. Every now and again I'll just have an amazing day where I feel like everything is going great. But most of the time the feeling is indifferent... I find that socializing with friends or family brings me out of the doldrums. Getting out and staying busy is a must, otherwise I will do exactly what you described, sleep all day, go out when day is almost over and feel guilty cuz I wasted it. Making plans, even if I don't want to sometimes, to keep busy and do things I enjoy gives me a sense of reward and satisfaction I would never get sleeping all day.
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