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The Pheonix

This is my first post. I have been reading these forums for years and believe I am ready to be done. I have tried A.A. in the past and was able to get sober for about a month a couple times but then went back to drinking. I went on a four day bender this weekend and have been drinking heavily for 20 years. I have wanted to quit forever and am tired of being a drunk. I believe that all of you give great support and know how it feels to be this sick and ashamed. I went to The Phoenix today. It is a recovery community that heals with exercise and yoga. I am wondering if you all were this scared to take the first step and start a program? I donít know why I have anxiety but I donít want to talk myself out of going. I am ready. Any advice or encouragement would be much appreciated. Thank you
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Hi there, so yesterday was my first post as I have also struggled with alcohol for a very long time. I ALSO went on a four day binge, and it really opened my eyes. I am a drunk. Iím a 31 year old woman with a great job, and I was ruining my career. Iíve called in sick for every job Iíve ever had since I was 21 because of a sickness. I have a very addictive personality, and alcohol took ahold of me. I finally joined the sight, and actually posting has made me feel like Iím not alone. Every single person on this site is striving for their health, and finally reclaim their lives. I know Iíve only been sober for two days, but Iím excited to learn about the sober me. Hang in there! Post! Ask for help! We can do this!
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Welcome to the family. I hope the support and useful info here can help you get sober for good.
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I hope you find what works for you you to achieve sobriety don't ever give up.
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I signed up for rehab. That first step scared the living shiiite out of me.
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Hi nothinginmyway

I think most, if not all of us, were scared of taking that first step whatever it was,. I don;t know the place you mentioned but I figure it's got to be better than drinking.

Worth a try yeah?

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Welcome to the posting side of things. And as others have mentioned, it's definitely a scary proposition to quit -but mostly just because it signals change - and change is uncomfortable.

I do hope you go today and please let us know how it went.
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Thanks everyone. I am either hitting a meeting today or trying the Pheonix.. Not sure if Iím ready for physical stuff today. I really wrecked my body this weekend. Takeaction, sounds like weíre in the same boat. Stay sober and strong. You sound like youíve had enough too.
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What helped me keep anxiety in check was not drinking one day at a time. I can't say I'll never drink can I know that? But I can not drink today.
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Glad you are back.

For me, a recovery focused program of action had to come first (still does) and everything else added to it. So I am an AA person, and plenty of folks around here can chime in on their active program specific to sobriety, then what we do like yoga, spirituality, diet, changing habits/friends/etc....

Hope you stay with us.
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Most definitely I was scared when I first when to detox then again when I checked into a rehab facility. Your fears subside with the time spent with others who are in the same lifeboat that you are, at least in most cases that I know about. It is even more frightening to think that you can continue on in the same way without change.

Whatever program or methods you use to get you along your way, that is a good thing. You may add or remove certain practices, as I have, but the primary thing is to commit yourself to it. It's hard to give up drinking (or any addictive behavior), but I'm enjoying a better life for my focus upon it.
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