6 and a half months pregnant and moving house

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6 and a half months pregnant and moving house

And normally, whenever we've moved before, I've panicked thinking about how we have to save all our money to afford it and that I won't be able to get any wine or cigarettes and how stressed that will make me. Now, it's still stressful, especially trying to pack everything while pregnant and worrying about whether we'll pass the reference or lose our money, but booze hasn't even crossed my mind.

What a nice change! I'm not as stressed as usual either (though maybe that'll change). I've also moved house while hungover twice which is the stupidest and most unpleasant experience.
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in spite of what we tell ourselves at the time, alcohol is a pretty poor stress-reliever. it's easier to deal with the stress as it is, without adding in the drama & chaos of doing it drunk/hungover! hope the move goes smoothly for you - at least you'll get out of carrying stuff in your condition
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Yeah moving house is difficult/stressful enough without booze taking its toll aswell. Iv moved 3 times in 7 years and hated the process each time but it's great once your in. Good luck in your new home it's exciting once your all in and settled enjoy. Lpg
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It is pretty amazing how much better equipped we are to deal with life's twists and turns without alcohol, isn't it? Hope you have a safe and uneventful move.
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I am glad you are stressed in a better way this time - does that even make sense?

I did the new house thing when pregnant, the weekend we moved my husband was away on a job (I think he planned it). If you can, hire movers. Let me tell you, movers see a pregnant lady on moving day, they will not let you lift a finger, they don't want to be the ones taking you to hospital LOL Well, they let me go get them coffee and breakfast at the donut shop I was huge, my child was 10lbs and I am really tall - so yes, they didn't want to have to deliver any giant babies that day LOL They just said sit, then my Mom and Sister met me at the new house and they too said, sit LOL I'm thinking about getting one of those big fake bellies when we buy our new house! Then I won't have to do anything.
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Good luck on the move SLG

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Iím so proud of you. You are doing a great thing for you and the baby. How proud you must be. Keep up the good work. Nothing worse than hungover moving. Or hungover anything for that matter.
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Thanks lovely people! Yeah, I do not miss hangovers. For me the anxiety was the worse thing. Not only would I feel anxious about the damage I was doing to my liver but also the money I'd spent, how annoyed my partner was with my drinking, how bad my lungs felt because of all the smoking and worrying about whether I'd done anything really stupid that I couldn't remember.

Being hungover and anxious about it is such a terrible feeling. If only I'd stopped sooner so I hadn't gone through it so many times. But, I'm only 30 (young ish? Lol) and I've got the rest of my life to do better ^_^
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Lovely post, le'goth.

Much happiness in your new home.
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I moved house in early sobriety (couple of months in). Yep. It was stressful. But the fact I wasn't my old chaotic self about but meant that it didn't stay stressful for months and get more stressful as time wore on and things started getting out of control. Instead it was a lovely fresh start to my new sober home.

Enjoy your new beginnings x
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