first post..withdrawal

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first post..withdrawal

Hi folks, first post and I`m sure many of the firsts that people post is because we/they are worried or struggling with withdrawal.

nightly drinker for many years.......if its in the house I`m drinking it.
Night time only, never morning or afternoon drinking.

I have indeed quit drinking a few times over the years and now have truly had enough, I`m tired of my drinking being the cause of my brutal anxiety on a daily basis.

the drinking I have been doing has been rye, rum, vodka and beer.
Not at the same time but that's the booze I have been drinking.

The amounts were typically 200ml or 5 beer..........whichever I was drinking that night.
Having said that in the mast month or two I have been drinking only beer and usually 5 per night and never more than six.....

Today is Wednesday and this past Thursday through Saturday I whittled down to two beers a night and Sunday night was the last two beers I drank.
With the cut in the consumption Friday, Saturday and Sunday sucked beyond belief, going from 6 to two beers those three nights were murder during the day.
Shaky hands, moody, foggy head mentioned today is Wednesday and day three of no beer I don`t feel all that bad other than emotional and a little on edge but miles clearer than those three days I cut way back/

Have I dodged a bullet with my withdrawal or is the worst yet to come?

any ideas?.......thanks folks...........
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Hi Willy,

I can only go by my experience and what I've read. From that purely non-professional standpoint, I don't think you "dodged the bullet," I think you successfully completed your own detox by tapering.

In my experience, medical staff monitor closely for severe withdrawal issues for 48-96 hours after the last drink. I really don't think (personally) that coming off like you did will produce any problems you haven't seen yet.

Of course if you have any concerns whatsoever, you should go see a physician.

Welcome. We'd love it if you would hang around. Most of us have found that staying stopped is much more difficult than simply stopping.

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I couldnt say for sure but maybe read up on PAWS so hopefully theres less suprises.

I know a lot of what i dealt with was PAWS i just had no idea and thought i was going insane. Tho i think i was going insane too *sigh* but thats a diff story.
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Hi Willy!

I had one beer on Monday and have stopped since. On the regular, I would say I've been drinking anywhere from 3-10+ heavy beers every day for 4 years. So far (about 72 hours in), I have not experienced any withdrawal symptoms besides the following: mild agitation, itching, some restlessness, and very mild night sweats.

Other than that, my head is clear and I am not looking for the next drink. I'd like to think that I, too, have "dodged a bullet," but you never know.

Good luck to you in this endeavor!

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Glad you found SR.. might be a good to get a full blown physical and some blood work done and find out where you are..

Detoxing and withdrawal is hell. Living sober is so much easier.. wishing you the best!! You can it!!
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Oh, the misery of the taper!! Aren’t you glad it’s behind you? Best wishes moving forward, get some help if your symptoms are too severe.
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