Quitting for good

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Quitting for good

It's day two for me. I was so hung over and sick yesterday it wasn't a big deal not to drink but today, now that I'm feeling okay again, the temptation to drink is creeping in. That little voice saying, 'let's just have a couple of beers'. The problem it's never just a couple. It always spirals and soon I am binging every day. A small drop of alcohol hits my system and then I can't stop. I tried moderation and only drinking with friends/family but it never works. I have no control once I've started drinking. The only control I can have is not to start in the first place. Right now it's fragile but from reading others posts I know that it can grow stronger and I can do this.

I'm going to keep one step ahead of it. Going to the gym later, which really helps me not want to drink. Also meeting a friend I can talk about it with.
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Welcome Pete. SR is a safe and supportive community. Read around the threads. Have you thought of going to AA meetings?
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Welcome Pete, sounds like you have a good plan to stay sober today. You're in the path of the storm. The next few days or weeks will be the toughest but you can do it. Stay strong, have a plan, and post here as often as possible. A lot of support here with varying ideas that have worked for many people. Good luck and many prayers.
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Welcome to SR PetelOP! As others have mentioned, you'll find a lot of support and understanding here. Most of us felt the same way at one point, having a support group is very important. There are most likely local options available too, check your local phone book in the front.
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Hello and welcome.
I know that routine you describe all too well. I was on that cycle for ten years.
You'll find lots of support here.
I agree that a group like AA can help greatly, it did me.
I wish you the best. And remember, you never have to drink again
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Hi Pete! Welcome. I think most of us are here because we are all or nothing people. One sip and before you know it you have finished the bottle or the case of beer. I used to wish I could be a "normal" drinker but then I saw a post that made sense. There are no normal drinkers ...they are at the beginning before the obsession kicks in. Hope you hang in there. It is worth it!
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Hi and welcome to SR. Recognizing our weaknesses I believe are very important to sobriety. Sounds like you've identified some things and I think that will help you in the long run. If you are inclined, read and learn about cravings because they will likely show up.
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Hi and welcome Pete

I was in that cycle for a long time -

'how bad could I be if I feel great again after a couple of days?'

Posting here really broke that cycle.

I was able to look back at my own posts and other peoples stories and realise I *was that bad, and there really *was* a problem.

The support here helps heaps too.

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How bad could it be if I...

Go to the hospital for withdrawal.
Feel like death for four days.
Go back to the hospital for withdrawal.
Shake for an additional week to ten days.
Lose out on career opportunities.
Destroy everything that I value in life.
Sabotage myself to the extreme.

There are a whole lotta yets in that philosophy.
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We're so happy you're here, Pete! Please keep posting and let us know how it's going. We all understand what you're going through, and we care.
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Originally Posted by PeteIOP View Post
..... A small drop of alcohol hits my system and then I can't stop.....
Yip. You've physically/biologically passed the point of no return.

You can't quit for good, only for now....good luck to you now.

And please don't try to go it alone.
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Hi Pete, how are you doing so far?

My dad was a chronic alcoholic and they say you can be genetically predisposed to alcoholism.

When i see other people having one or two glasses of wine, or just a few beers, i wonder...How can they do that?!

I'd need to have 2 bottles of wine or the whole crate of beer. And it is only until i black out is when i can stop.

I hope you're staying away from the poison. This is my second day and I'm usually out buying wine for the night.

But not this time. Just because our bodies have recovered from the previous day's of drinking, doesn't mean it's okay to do it again .

Best of luck Pete.
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