keeping it green....

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keeping it green....

The last few nights I've been watching the alcohol episodes of Intervention. Talk about keeping it green, wow.

I don't watch the success stories but the episodes of the ones that died.

I do this to keep in the front of my mind I'm only one stupid decision away from being right back there....and how fragile life can be.

I'm so grateful I got my last chance.

Keep it simple, folks!

I hope everyone has a good day. Be strong in sobriety. Remember this place exists to help the suffering and those recovering. Be there or be square.
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Yikes that's morbid! But I understand....
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Yes, there are lots of reminders out there as to where we might end up. Sometimes the examples are pretty extreme, but they certainly get the point across.
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I haven't watched Intervention since I got sober.

I used to watch it regularly when I was drinking. I used to tell myself "I am not as bad as these people" - it would help me to justify in my mind that the amount I drank was OK.

Sure it is normal to drink at least 8 to 12 drinks every single day for 27 years. What a fool I was.
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I don't watch programs about alcoholics, either active or in recovery. But better to focus on reality that many people die from this disease. A friend who works for a rehab says that only about 10% achieve long-term recovery.
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I did a fair amount of research when I was contemplating quitting and then early on when I did quit. It was an eye opener to see the extreme damage (and death) that alcohol can bring. Its inconsistent though, some can drink their whole life with little consequences. I'm not one of those people, I knew things would get bad health wise.
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I used to watch intervention regularly. I only saw one episode where someone died from alcoholism, some tanning business owner in Las Vegas. Poor guy was so deep in his addiction he didn't realize it. I remember saying to myself, If I ever get that bad I will stop. Thank god I didn't have to wait that long.
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Originally Posted by Frickaflip233 View Post
Yikes that's morbid! But I understand....
yeah, i'm a twisted F6ck at times. just kidding...OR AM I? HAHAHA...sorry, just in a silly mood...but to be serious for a minute...

I need to be able to see what was almost my demise 11 months ago. I need to see it a lot.

This "condition, disease, illness, whatever" conditions my mind to forget the pain and horror of what my life was. This is my way of playing rewind so I don't forget.

You can see the desperation and hoplessness in their eyes. It's something I can't ever afford to forget.
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