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I don't get the thread title.
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i've always had zero issues there. Drive, performance, whatever. My body has been in a perpetual 17 year old mode since i was 17. lol. I'm almost 44 now.

The only time i ever had any issues is when i was put on anti-anxiety medication. Effexor. Everything worked, but no O. I told the dr. that s#it had to go because i was a lot more tense if the equipment was malfunctioning.
She got a good laugh out of it and took me off the medication.

Everything has been fine since. I don't think i was as active when i was drinking because it just didn't occur to me as much.
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Well when I was drinking I would be interested in sex whether or not the chemistry and feelings were there or not. It was more about whether I needed sex or not. It was very selfish. Once I got sober, physical attraction and good communication became a lot more important to my level of interest, but if it was there it was wonderful.

The chemistry between me and my current partner is very strong, even after 3 years, and we have a very active and fulfilling sex life. So yes, the libido definitely returns, assuming the other factors are in place.
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I pay more attention to my libido now in sobriety than before. If that makes any sense.

I'm much kinder and more respectful of my sexual self. That's the main thing.
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I had no drive for the first year and a half. But part of that was depression/anxiety that I was not treating.

I think a change in drive is totally normal.
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