Airline Flight

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Airline Flight

Flying today. Lots of thoughts. Airport bars, hotels, the whole stress of travel. But normally I wake up hungover and edgy because I hate the whole process.

This morning I'm up early and although not exactly dancing in the street I'm not hungover, feel semi OK and can fly all day and not be too anxious.

Chalk one up for sobriety, this is better. Alcohol is thought to bring tranquility, but it does the opposite. It is anathema to a peaceful mind.

41 days clean.
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You can do this CLAS - we're with you

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I always flew sober. I could not stand the thought of those airport prices. And having to get up several times to use the washroom during the flight.

But I was always sure to have a bottle packed in my checked luggage so nothing would be in my way as soon as I got to the hotel.....
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I just flew in November. 15.50 for a mixed drink at DIA. (Denver International)...didn't stop me. I shudder to think of the money I wasted there..I don't even feel that nervous flying. Coming home it was really an early morning flight. Bloody Mary on the plane. I was thinking flying triggered my drinking. But no...EVERYTHING triggered my drinking. No rhyme or reason needed here...I am posting because I am going to plan a trip to Vegas. Been thinking of it for a really long while. The Titanic display is there. I can't read enough on the sinking. BUT I think I will delay this trip for awhile. Too early to think I am confident enough to pull this type of trip off with no problems...I love posting that I am writing this out....I can make a road trip to Denver. The Molly Brown house is there....that will pacify me until I am ready for Vegas. Fly safe Clas. We will be thinking of you.
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Airports are a trigger for me. I don't really like the word trigger because, really, I can make anything a trigger. But I do have recognize the handful of places and people that do make me more susceptible.

I bring lots of stuff to do, read, eat. I stay away from the bar/restaurants because they really push the booze. I think its also that 'anything goes' attitude in airports. Even people that aren't alchies will be drinking at 9am....the timeless quality. Like Casinos.

You'll get through it and be so happy you did it sober.
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Travelling makes me anxious. And I want to drink when I am anxious. It's a trigger, definitely.
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Originally Posted by CLAS View Post

41 days clean.
Nice sober work.
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