Meaning please ?

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Meaning please ?

I have seen many people posting the word "shotgun" in threads. Am I the only idiot that doesn't know the meaning of this. Please put me out of my misery and explain please someone !!!
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This is the only way I've ever heard it: "First person to call "shotgun!" gets the front passenger seat. . . . Or shotgun is the actual front passenger seat."

But I figured that prob'ly wasn't it in this case so I googled it.

Shotgun Weed
To shotgun weed is when one person forces marijuana smoke into the mouth of another person. There are three main ways to do this.

1: Most common way; When smoking a joint or a blunt, one person turns it backwards so the lit part is in their mouth (usually between their teeth). Another person puts their mouth on the other end (the end your mouth would usually go on) and sucks while the other person blows into it.

2: Have both people make a tight tunnel with their hands. One person takes a hit of marijuana and blows into one end of the tunnel while the other person sucks on their end of the tunnel.

3: One person takes a hit of marijuana and holds the smoke in their mouth. They press their lips onto another person and open their mouth while the other person sucks the smoke in.
"Hey, do you want me to shotgun you?"

"Does she want to shotgun weed?"

There. I've learned my new thing for Tuesday and it's only 3am. Gonna be a good day! LOL
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I still dont understand why people post just that word in response to certain posts. Could it mean that they are just empathising and agreeing ? I really dont know.
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I know it from stage coach/ mail coach bit of American/Australian history, where outlaws/bush rangers robbed at will. A passenger sat up the front with the driver person to act as guard - often with a shotgun. 'Riding shotgun'. Now used to mean up the front- or first. I have not seen it used in these threads in relation to addictive use.
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Its nothing to do with weed, or stagecoaches.

Just signifies the first poster on a new group thread or monthly thread.

Just a silly thing, not sure how it started

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Thanks all.
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annnnnnnnnnnd another point for Occam's razor!

TWO new things in one day?
Don't over-think too much, do i?!
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Yeah people say that when carpooling and they want to bag the passenger seat.

It possibly originated on here in 'The Sober Bus' thread? I'm not sure though.
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I'm going with the stagecoach definition. I've heard it all my life -- when a group is getting in a car together, first person to call out "shotgun" gets to ride next to the driver, in the front passenger seat. Analogous to the stagecoach days, when someone armed with a shotgun would ride next to the horse-driver. So on the weekend threads, it's the first person to get in the car/thread.
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I think it started because the weekender thread started out with a bus jump on the sobriety bus. So...whenever you get in a vehicle with a bunch of other people and you want the front seat you call "shotgun!"

Growing up in my family it was a combo of saying the word while shoving your siblings out of the way...but they are nicer here at SR.
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It's a fun Americanism. I love that kind of thing.
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